Children of the Night - Requiem

Worldly Gift

My Gift is Sanctuary. I Guide your swift flight to shelter.


My gentle kiss melts away your sorrow, my soft caress stills your fears. Feel my wings flutter like your heartbeat. I shine in the afterglow of Love. My gift is sanctuary. I guide your swift flight to shelter.

Children of the Night                                                            Through the shadows in secret places, we move silently - the Invisible, the Preternatural - our power cloaked in darkness and sheathed like a dagger. We dwell in Eternity and are everywhere, forever your dark servants. We are the children of the night.

Pendant Size - 50mm x 42mm

Necklace - 230mm


Collections: Charms & Talismans, Gifts

Type: Charms & Tokens


*Applies to Aust Retail Only