Lava and Chakra 8mm Bracelet

Happiness Heals Pty Ltd

Chakra colours:



Brown (tiger eye) - clear thinking & insight. Helps to make the changes in your life that's needed. Promotes balance & strength to get through difficult phases of life, relieves doubt & bestows decision making with vision & clarity. Helps one to be practical. Wear on the right hand side of body.

Green (sea sediment) - a stone of stability. A wonderful stone for helping one to find your inner peace, clarity, love & compassion. An excellent stone for emotional healing. A powerful stone of protection. Used to protect you against negative energies as well as easing emotional stresses & conflicts.

Blue (turquoise) - stimulates intuition, creativity, communication skills. Excellent for grounding, brings peace of mind & bestows goodness upon you. Offering male & female attributes help to balance those aspects & energies in you. A “Master Healer“. Dissipates negative energies physically, emotionally & mentally. Strengthening the body, rejuvenates tissues, increases circulation & helps alleviate headaches.

Dark blue

Purple (amethyst) - a stone of spiritually & contentment, is highly powerful & protecting stone. Excellent for meditation, bestows strength, invigoration & peace. It helps overcome addictions & blockages, enhances memory & improves motivation, enabling you to set more realistic goals. Helps with insomnia, if placed into your pillow case.

Black (lava) - a stone of strength & courage. Allows the opportunity for stability throughout changes in life. Associated with the phoenix & rebirth. Assisting the wearer to succeed in desperate circumstances. Helping to be in tune with Mother Earth. Excellent aid with feeling depressed or lacking energy & vitality.

Length: 96mm

Beads: 8mm

Collections: Jewellery

Type: Bracelet


*Applies to Aust Retail Only