Orthoceras Fossil - Layout (Grid) Plate

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Step back in time and behold the marvels of ancient seas with our Orthoceras Fossil—a testament to the enduring elegance of prehistoric marine life encapsulated in stone. Each intricate detail of these fossils tells a story of creatures that once roamed the ocean depths millions of years ago.

The Orthoceras, an ancient ancestor of the modern-day squid, displays its unique spiral shell and segmented body in these fossils. Preserved in black limestone, the fossils showcase the incredible craftsmanship of nature, frozen in time for millennia.

Beyond its historical significance, owning an Orthoceras Fossil brings a connection to Earth's ancient past into your hands. Displaying this fossil in your space serves as a captivating conversation starter, inviting exploration into the wonders of paleontology and the mysteries of evolution.

Witness the beauty and intrigue of these ancient beings with our Orthoceras Fossil—a timeless piece that not only encapsulates prehistoric history but also sparks curiosity about the diverse and fascinating life forms that once thrived in our planet's oceans.

Size: 36cm x 36cm

Collections: Crystals

Type: Crystal


*Applies to Aust Retail Only