Protection Bracelet

Made By Earth

Jasper: “Supreme Nurturer”. Sustains & Supports through stressful times, bringing Tranquillity & Wholeness. Absorbs negative energy & Protects the Wearer. Encourages Honesty & Courage, quick-thinking & organisation. Balances Yin & Yang. Stimulates the Imagination & Transforms Ideas into Action. Prolongs sexual pleasure. Supports during illness & re-energises the body. Also clears electromagnetic & environmental pollution & radiation.

Tiger Eye: Clear thinking & insight. Helps to make the changes in your life that's needed. Promotes balance & strength to get through difficult phases of life, relieves doubt & bestows decision making with vision & clarity. Helps one to be practical. Wear on the right hand side of body.

Bloodstone: Symbolises justice. Imparts strength & courage. Healing stone, balances the Base Chakra. Helping with the circulation of all energy in the body, helping to remove energy blocks. Aids in the circulation of blood. Helps to let go of selfish behaviour , & renews idealistic outlook on life. Using several pieces around your home is said to help increase the flow of life energy.

Obsidian: A very powerful & creative stone. It increases self-control. Helps with facing up to one’s true self. Corrects imbalances. Protects against negative energies. Providing support during change. It repels negativity & disperses unloving thoughts.

Clear Quartz: Known as the “master healer”. Clear Quartz amplifies energy & thought, as well as amplifying the effect of other crystals. Clear Quartz absorbs, releases & regulates energy and draws off negative energy of all kinds. Balances & revitalises the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual planes. Enhances your psychic abilities It aids in concentration & unlocks memory.

Collections: Jewellery

Type: Bracelet


*Applies to Aust Retail Only