Quartz with Lepidochrosite Inclusions

Happiness Heals

Lepidochrosite: Effective in calming frayed nerves, helping one to release stress & worry.  Can assist you in being honest & open, as well as helping the people around you to do the same. A wonderful friendship stone.  Lifts depression & lower thought forms. Anti-nightmare stone.

Rhodochrosite: Soothing to the Heart. Stimulates warmth, feelings of love, selfless love & compassion. Benefits the creative process & helps with promoting intuition. Improving self-worth. Helps to identify ongoing patterns & shows you the purpose behind the experience. Helps you to find situations less negative. Stimulates circulation & blood pressure. Helps with your kidneys & reproductive organs. Helps with poor eyesight. Relieves asthma.

Size: 65mm x 42mm