Red Adventurine with Chakra Beads Pendulum

Happiness Heals

Red Aventurine with Chakra Beads Pendulum

The Beads: 

Amethyst :- A stone of spiritually and contentment, is highly powerful and protecting stone. Excellent for meditation, bestows strength, invigoration and peace. It helps overcome addictions and blockages, enhances memory and improves motivation, enabling you to set more realistic goals. Helps with insomnia, if placed into your pillow case.

Blue Cats Eye :- A good luck stone. Associated with intuition, awareness, confidence & optimism. Turns negative thoughts into positive energy. Connects to Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras. Blue - aids communication, public speaking & action.

Blue Calcite :- A stone of spirituality and wisdom. Calcite protects, grounds and centres you, bringing inner peace. Excellent for learning it promotes creativity, imagination, prosperity and intuition. Reduces stress and fear. A purifying stone used to clear negativity in the environment, such as a room that it's in. Physically, calcites are good for back pain, increasing physical strength, teeth, eyes, and general healing. Calcite increases and amplifies energy & is especially helpful with emotional and mental conditions.

Green Aventurine :- Has a stabilizing effect on emotions. Increases ability for self-development and strengthens self-confidence. A power stone, excellent for attracting abundance and wealth. A stone of opportunity, of chance or luck. Great for gridding.

Tiger eye :- Clear thinking and insight. Helps to make the changes in your life that's needed. Promotes balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life, relieves doubt and bestows decision making with vision and clarity. Helps one to be practical. Wear on the right hand side of body.

Cherry Quartz :- An emotional pain healer. Great for the release anger and tension. A wonderful stone for the heart Chakra. Can help with concentration and is fantastic for students studying. Physically helpful for overcoming colds, flues and infections.

Carnelian :- A stabilizing stone with high energy. Excellent for restoring motivation and stimulating creativity. Full of life force and vitality. Stimulates the metabolism, can help with back problems, rheumatism, arthritis and depression. If one feels insecure can help them come into their own.

The Pendulum:

Red Aventurine :- Encourages a positive attitude. Has the ability to help diffuse a negative situation and turn it around, helping you see possibilities, to enhance your creativity and prosperity. Great to heal the reproductive system and balance blood pressure. Calms the nerves. It is also said to encourage the body to burn fat efficiently. Smoothed over the skin it is thought to bring relief from eczema and fungal skin infections. Discernment, determination and strength are enhanced with this stone.

Size: 275mm Drop x 17mm W 


*Applies to Aust Retail Only