Candles Holders - Tea Light

Happiness Heals

Citrine Point:  Increases self confidence & the ability to attain your goals. Place a Citrine Point in your home or office to create an optimistic environment & assists you to make good business decisions without doubts or fears. Helps to bring money, luck & protection.

Height:  35mm

Width: 105mm x 105mm

Clear Quartz: Used in healing. It pulls energy from the body when the  point is directed away. Pulling energy into the body when pointed towards the body.  Naturally formed. No two are the same.  Great to use for clearing bad vibrations.

Height: 50mm

Width: 102mm x 90mm

Amethyst Point:  A single crystal point is often used in healing. Pointed away, it draws energy off the body. Pointed inward, it channels energy inward. A power stone because of its calming effect. Use to calm an overworked & stressed mind, hold in your left hand with the point facing the arm, relax.

Height; 35mm

Width: 100mm x 100mm