The Keys to the Universe

Happiness Heals

Access the ancient secrets by attuning to the power and wisdom of the Cosmos.

As part of the preparation for 2012–when the universe will present vast changes for humanity–this examination communicates the knowledge of wise ancients. There are 48 keys and two cosmic keys that open up the various energies of the universe. The information in this book will enable readers to expand their consciousness by using these keys to unlock the secrets of other realms, such as the animal and natural kingdoms, the elementals, different archangels and other angelic beings, cosmic masters, and wisdom centers. An exploration of spiritual laws, this is a fascinating and important look at energies that manifest as sound resonances and what humanity can do to access them.

Written: Diana Cooper & Kathy Crosswell

From the Aurthors of Enlightenment Through Orbs.

Comes with a CD of sounds. 

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