Tourmalated Quartz with Pink Tourmaline Pendant

Blue Turtle

Tourmaline Quartz: Offering the powerful ability to clear your auric field of  negativity Giving a powerful protective field of energy, to keep you safe & shield you from harm. Aids in astral travel & creates harmony within all of your chakras. A strong grounding stone. A effective problem solver.  Helps to heal the shadow energies within, alleviating self-sabotage. Clear or white quartz that has pieces of Black Tourmaline within.

Pink Tourmaline: An excellent healing stone. If you have beenfeeling tense & stressed, pink tourmaline will helpto heal your emotions & assist you to feel more atease & relaxed. It carries a strong feminine
vibration that is known to kindle feelings of joy,
hope, comfort & support to help bring love &
good humour into your life. It also helps to heal
skin disorders, angina & anyone recovering from
heart related problems. Great for children as it
helps to soothe them emotionally, & aid them to
be aware of spiritual aspects of their actions.

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