Wild and Free - Horse Affirmation Cards


An incredible 38 card Deck & guide book. 

By: Geraldine Teggelove.

This is your chance to discover how to take your life from ordinary to extraordinary with these beautiful affirmation cards from the spirit of the horse. 

Your unique wild and free equine cards offer life affirmating Guidance that is easy to understand and is sure to have you galloping into greater happiness and success. 

Used in conjunction with the expanded explorations in your enclosed guide book, these  beautiful horse whispering, will bring a smile to your heart, and empower your day with a true sense of freedom. 

Ideal gift for the hoofed person in your life cause if you love horses, you think of nothing else except riding or grooming the love of your life.

Collections: Oracle, Angel & Tarot Cards

Type: Cards


*Applies to Aust Retail Only