CTC - Combined Therapy Cocktail

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Combined Therapy Cocktail - Julie is your Master Therapist.

The Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC) is a diverse and transformative modality working with the Mind, the Body and the Spirit, that Julie is extremely excited about!

At its core, CTC is a combination of a number of different therapies, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, Hypnosis and Energy Healing and Clearing.

Julie is consistently upgrading her skills and training around the CTC modality, ensuring she is delivering the latest cutting edge techniques that will help you get closer to your true self.

Julie’s deep spiritual, intuitive connection helps her breathe a unique life into your CTC experience, and she uses her wisdom, experience and spiritual guidance to combine the perfect balance of the above therapies into your 2-2.5 hour session, ensuring the session is deeply effective in the way that will be most beneficial for you as an individual.  As a result, no two CTC sessions are the same. 

CTC will help you release patterns and energetic blockages that are currently holding you back and getting in the way of you living a truly authentic, blissful life.

You will leave the session feeling free of old emotional issues, feeling more empowered and motivated and with a greater level of clarity and confidence around your direction in life. You will also have new tools in your toolkit to continue on your journey moving forwards, and to effectively deal with situations that in the past would have been deeply unsettling for you. 

CTC is almost like allowing Julie to perform energetic surgery on you! - She can literally CUT the CRAP out of your life, help you let go of the past, live in the present moment and create the future you most desire!


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*Applies to Aust Retail Only