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  • Name: Ash

    So valuable. After very recently breaking up with my long-term relationship, it was exactly the guidance I needed.

    The take home info on how to protect my house and business energetically was so helpful, clear and informative.

    Exactly what I needed to start healing and moving forward!

  • Name: Royce

    My session with Julie was great and I got what I wanted and more.

  • Name: Lily du Plessis

    Life changing, loved it. Will be back.

    Very loving and offering a clear understanding to the direction I want to go.

  • Name: Sarah Kaur

    Julie from Happiness Heals is absolutely phenomenal. The level of depth she states in her readings is amazing. The accuracy and level of information she can give you is mind blowing.

    I have been waiting patiently for her to do a 6 month spread (as she took time off readings), when I got my reading my words were "wow she's good". Definitely worth the wait and she never disappoints me in the information she gives. I recommend everyone to get a reading from her.

    Also Beryl from Happiness Heals is lovely. I've been to the shop a few times and she has such a glowing energy. She is always helpful to answer any questions I have.

    Thanks heaps.

  • Name: Josephine Pummeroy

    Julie's ability to open your heart space and acknowledge your inner needs is freeing to the soul.

    I am grateful to be able to let go of my own expectations.

  • Name: Rose

    Julie is great at her profession. I felt so tense before the session start, but she had an ability to make me feel relaxed.

    We had one topic that gives me goosebumps and that's how good she is.

    I absolutely 100% recommend Julie.

    I felt lighter after the session ended

  • Name: Kerryn

    Excellent session, spot on and very supportive, warm and welcome advice with lots of homework to do!

    Thank you,


  • Name: Nicole Blyth

    Thank you so much Julie.

    I was in a pretty bad place before meeting you - and being a healthy skeptic, I was a little doubtful that you'd be able to help.

    I am very happy that you have made such a difference.

    You've given me tools and the knowledge of how to help myself, and for that I am so grateful.

    More than I have ever received before.

  • Name: Jordan Oviss

    Amazing session. Learnt so much to believe in myself an dto guide myself into the right direction.

    Well needed healing and reading that I was looking for.

    Thank you.

  • Name: Dimmy

    Julie has made me understand what I am feeling and how to start to heal.

    Very calm after our session. Really enjoyed her advice on how to heal.

  • Name: Molly

    Amazing. Helped so much and Julie is fantastic.

    Very happy.

  • Name: Brett

    First reading. Learnt about my emotions and the reason I have chronic health problems. I have had this for 6 years.

    I would recommend this to anyone who is willing to open up.

  • Name: Arancha

    I'm 12 years old and my reading with Julie was amazing. I actually got to be myself again while talking to her and expressing my feelings with her.

    Julie was a lovely lady and she told me to always believe in myself and most importantly BE YOURSELF!!!

  • Name: Linda

    My session was divine timing and extremely helpful. ❤

  • Name: April

    Julie was truly amazing. Her calming energy made me feel so safe and loved - to be able and comfortable to tap into myself and what I needed to heal.

    David also helped my body so much!

    I'm forever grateful to you both.

  • Name: Josephine

    My healing with Julie was amazing. I walked in feeling yucky and unsure of myself and walked out with a new sense of confidence and calm.

    I see the world in a brighter light and I sense a brighter sparkle within myself that was dull before.

    Thank you so much.

  • Name: Melissa Hoffman

    My session was a past life session which I have never done before. I had no idea what it would entail.

    Julie with her openness and kindness made me feel totally safe and comfortable for whatever was about to take place.

    I went on an interesting journey that has left me with things to think about and process over the following days and weeks.

    After the session, I felt very light and like something had shifted. I even walked differently.

    I continue to absorb the information, sensations, feelings of comfort and support.

    Thanks Julie, you really are amazing at what you do, and such a beautiful spirit.

  • Name: Ash

    Having not had a healing from Julie before (only readings and training), I had no expectations. With her vision and insight, I dealt with issues that have taken a lifetime to build and just moments for her to recognise.

    It was truly hard work for me - but with Julie's guidance, I was able to make real headway in putting them to rest.

    There's still lots to work on, but using the information she was able to give me, and my willingness to put into practice what I need to do, I can easily say her help was invaluable. She's extraordinary - compassionate, but direct, super friendly and insightful.

    I feel like a different person - and that was just 1 session!

  • Name: Germaine

    After my first session with Julie, I was left amazed with the information she relayed. Within 6 months after that reading, two of her predictions came true, which is why I wanted to see Julie again to gain insight for my current situation.

    Just was able to pinpoint issues I'd been holding on internally from childhood, which had also come up in a separate session with somebody else over a year ago.

    Julie helped me to release this energy and also gave me some very helpful tips to practice every day. I feel lighter now and more relaxed, and I feel more aware of my physical and mind.

    Thank you Julie for all your help!

  • Name: Michael Sabec

    I would highly recommend Julie for any type of energetic and spiritual healing.

    Julie has a strong intuitive connection to the realm of spirit and thus can facilitate the transfer of direct healing, energetic upgrades and sacred knowledge.

    Julie has a sensitive and empathetic touch and an ability to bring to surface many underlying patterns. I would recommend her as a healer's healer.

  • Name: Scott Benness

    It is hard to describe exactly what a positive effect Happiness Heals has had in my life...

    In 5 years of living locally, I had never even seen this shop, even walking past doing weekly shopping with the family. It is strange how the universe works, because upon feeling a need for something deeper in life, I found Happiness Heals in a google search, Imagine my shock when suddenly, here it is, right front and center! I could not believe I had never even seen this shop! In all these years, It was never there! From the moment I walked in I felt a calm, and while standing there chatting to Beryl, The most incredible feeling came over me, The presence of my father, who had drawn me there for healing. This shop is magnetic, it is strange to say, but I feel a pull to just be here. Beryl is ace, she's a very open, and warm and makes everyone feel welcome, I have had my mind blown by the power of the tumbled crystals I purchased, and continue to be drawn towards, they work!!

    I had a healing session with Julie, She was very easy to talk to, really open to helping me with clearing some really old trauma, I felt very comfortable with her and look forward to sitting down with her in future to see what else the universe has in store around and for me. Simply put, Julie is awesome!

    I cannot recommend Happiness Heals more, there is something about this shop that is both grounding, and enlightening. There is love, and comfort in this space.

  • Name: Darrin Lovelace

    My session was great. I learnt so much it amazed me. What I learnt today was priceless.

  • Name: Brooke Soffici

    I have spent about 12 months searching for answers about all aspects of my life and had no answers.

    I finally was able to receive answers and so much clarity from Julie today.

    I can finally start moving forward and living my best life!

  • Name: Sarah

    I had a past life regression with Julie. I feel very relaxed and enjoyed my session.

    The level of detail she got me into was beyond words.

    I highly recommend you getting a session. She does not disappoint.

  • Name: Nat

    An unexpected surprise, reminding me what my true core issues are.

    A safe and inviting space.

  • Name: Tracey

    Just amazing. I would recommend Julie!

    So insightful and well worth it.

    I will be back.

  • Name: Dardan

    Real deal! 🙂

  • Name: J

    Today's session was amazing, very informative. I feel like I have a more clear idea of what I need to do to heal and I'm only at the start.

  • Name: Jane

    I have always been drawn to the shop "Happiness Heals". The smell, the feel and the people, which is where this journey begins in my 50s and my first ever healing.

    Julie was kind, considerate and easy to communicate with, making me feel at ease. Nothing felt rushed.

    Throughout the healing, boundaries were challenged, obstacles were realised and I felt the burden being lifted off my shoulders, leaving me feel tired and light headed.

    The reflection outcome of the healing is a work in progress. I believe I have more confidence that will keep strengthening over time.

    It has given me a new release on the outlook of life, a new path to follow.

    Most importantly, it has given me much needed peace within myself.

    Thank you Happiness Heals.

  • Name: Cam Blair

    Was amazing. Helped clear everything up for me and helped me heal.

  • Name: Helen

    Very informative, allowing me to be present and in the moment. She is lovely, caring and supportive through the reading.

    Listening to her describe my family gave me goosebumps on how accurate she is about them.

    Thank you for the experience, as well as the homework for me to do.

  • Name: Jess

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? It was very helpful, she helped me express everything I needed to and more, and explained to me why I was feeling the way I have been in a beautiful way.

    It was very beneficial.

  • Name: Nola

    Julie made me more aware of things that have gone on around me that I hadn't really noticed, but completely made sense.

    I have walked away feeling more empowered and inspired to work on myself and my life.

  • Name: Em

    I sent through some questions and got a reading sent back to me today and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you 💕 the informative I got from it meant the world to me and I would love to come down and get a face to face reading when we are out of stage 4 restrictions.

    Again I just want to say a huge thank you, I feel a peace in my heart that I haven’t felt for a long time 💕

    I’m really starting to feel like things are coming together, my home feels more positive and not as cloudy. I haven’t felt anything dark or negative so the home cleansing really helped.

    I was hesitant because I’ve been afraid of what I would hear but I was worried for nothing. Thank you so much, I’m so grateful 💕 the moon 💕 thank you again x

  • Name: 78 Stars Shop

    I’ve just come home to a package from you guys. I ordered my sister a beautiful Rose Quartz ring for her birthday and you guys actually put it in a gift box so I don’t have to worry about packaging it and also popped a little tumble in there and some scrolls.

    The tumble was exactly what I needed today! I honestly tell you every time but, you are both totally amazing and I am so grateful to know you both ☺️💕 my sister is going to be over the moon 💕 thank you again x

  • Name: Genevieve

    Julie was able to provide the tools I needed to work through my healing process. She guided me to a better place without having to say a word.

  • Name: Shannon

    Julie was extremely insightful and honest!

    A great experience, would highly recommend!

  • Name: Sunny

    Clarity, intuition, joy, light-heartedness

  • Name: Caley

    I really enjoyed my reading, what Julie told me really resonated with me.

    I'm looking forward to working through what was brought up and integrating this into my daily life.

  • Name: Malady Penani

    Great, found out a lot of stuff I didn't already know.

    Also, a lot of what Julie said made SO MUCH sense as to why a lot of stuff has been happening.

    Highly recommend and I know I will be back in the future.

  • Name: Hayley

    Service: Reading

    Julie helped me feel comfortable and safe, I felt the ability to open up and process some things in the following days and am looking forward to my past life healing in the future.

    Thank you very much to the team at Happiness Heals for the love and support you offer.


  • Name: Carolyn

    Service: Past Life Regression

    Thank you so very much for going ahead with the Past Life session with me today.

    I greatly appreciate the firm boundaries you have with this work, ensuring safeness and trust during the entire process.

    The session gave me some clarity into things currently going on in this life. I am feeling more settled as I step into the next chapters of life.

    Thank you also to Beryl for recommending this session at the perfect timing.

  • Name: Danielle

    Julie - WOW!!! What can I say. After having a reading done by you to this day still amazes me, the things you said during the reading are still coming to light and you were and still are spot on. Thank you ☺️

    Your shop is one of my favourite places to be by bringing peace even if for a little bit. A place where you can stop and breathe.

    Love Beryl!!! She is just a beautiful soul that just loves to help everyone and can relate to everyone also.

  • Name: Tahnee

    Service: Past life discovery

    Julie and all staff, Beryl and David are all very approachable, friendly and authentic.

    Julie's session was very well lead. I felt very supported and encouraged to have the experience I needed.

    I will be back in future.

  • Name: Genevieve

    Julie was in tune with my spiritual guides and was able to get things accurate.

    Julie showed me new tools on the issues and concerns I had and I felt safe with Julie.

  • Name: Michaela

    Service: Reading

    Not what I expected :)

    Extremely eye opening and left me wanting more.

    I will definitely be back.

    Julie is so down to earth, real and makes you feel comfortable.

  • Name: Belinda

    Insight, help and understanding with dealing with problems that have occurred in my life is what Julie is very good at helping me with, and I'm very grateful for all the help that she has given me.

  • Name: Savannah Prelorenzo

    Service: Past Life Regression

    I would absolutely recommend the past regression session I had with Julie. What an incredible experience!

    Julie is an amazing women, so gifted and truly just incredible.

    So much information came out of this session. Thank you Julie.

  • Name: Ash B

    Service: Past life discovery

    I've never done any past life work. I had no idea what to expect! It was really incredible. From discussing what the process is, to actually taking the journey, I would definitely do it again.

    Julie was able to help guide me to where I needed to go and I felt totally safe doing it. For me, there was so much clarity in all the information, and I'm so grateful I had Julie there supporting me.

    It could have been really hard, but I felt safe and guided the whole time.

    It gave me so many answers to what's happening in this life. I was worried it may be an area I shouldn't mess with, but it really wasn't like that.

    With my guide and Julie both showing me the way, and helping me the whole time when I needed it, it was easy to do what I had to, to resolve attachments that needed to be gone.

    Now 2 days since the appointment, I can feel a definite shift in myself and my energy. I have no doubt it was because I asked for the help I needed - it wouldn't have been possible to go into my past lives without her expertise.

    Thank you Julie!

  • Name: Tessa Timothy-Smith

    Very deep - no bullsh*t.

    I love how so many tools were provided to move forward and heal. :)

    Highly recommend!!

  • Name: Kerri

    - Great information,
    - Good strategies,
    - Great tools for moving forward in life.

  • Name: Tracey den Boer

    Julie gave me the insights I needed.

    Direction and the way to be happy.

  • Name: Karen

    Needed to connect with lost loved ones, and now I have.

    Finding out things I didn't even know about myself was very interesting.

  • Name: Andrea Tibballs


  • Name: Carol Rickard

    It was an intense, eye-opening session, helping to resolve issues from childhood.

    Felt very at ease and comfortable.

  • Name: Samantha Weller

    Seeing Julie today has lightened my load and reassured me that I am doing a good job. And my Dad is OK!

  • Name: Jamie Tibballs

    Feel great. Lots of clarity on the future and my purpose.

  • Name: Nicholas Jacovou

    - Insightful,
    - Relaxed,
    - Person-centred,
    - Holistic,
    - Personal journey,
    - Release

  • Name: Courtney

    - Felt comfortable,
    - Guided,
    - Relieved,
    - Received extra information I can look up for myself at home as well.,
    - Overall would recommend to friends and family.

  • Name: Marie

    Julie was very helpful in helping me realise things that I had not thought of before. Made me feel safe and calm.

    Highly recommend.

  • Name: Katrina

    My husband booked this for me, so I didn't know what to expect.

    It was quite accurate and to the point / not a wishy-washy reading like some other readings I've had.

    The cleansing was unexpected emotionally, but was good.

    Feeling positive for some change now.

    Thank you.

  • Dear Julie,

    Wanted to say thank you for all of your help this past year. What started as a chance encounter when my daughter wanted to buy some crystals turned into an amazing journey. Not only did it provide my daughter with some valuable experience, but it started me on a journey of discovery. Like most busy Mums, I was trying to juggle work, a business, and a family, not to mentioned perimenopause! In the process of trying to do it all I was losing myself and feeling exhausted all the time. Julie helped to re-think my goals as well as providing inspiration and best of all, healing.

    Her healing with crystals and reiki allowed me to move past my blockages and be able to create some new goals. One of them was to attend a Reiki 1 class, which was an amazing experience! I learned so much about my own healing energies and my own strengths, and that has helped me enormously in my every day life.

    Julie provided me with some much needed support and guidance when I was at a time of my life when everything seemed overwhelming and I couldn’t see past my limitations I was setting on myself. She helped me find my direction again and I can’t thank her enough for her continued support. I was so impressed that I recommended Julie to family and friends, several of whom have since visited her, and had only good to say. Julie’s kind and caring nature combined with her genuine intuitive abilities have helped me and my family to find more joy and peace in our lives.

    I also had much support from all the staff at Happiness Heals, in particular Beryl and also David. They're all very kind and supportive individuals and provide wonderful advice and guidance themselves.

    Thank you Julie, Beryl and David!

  • Name: Jacky

    It was not what I expected at all, however I came out feeling lighter, calmer and hopeful.

    Julie gave me 'homework' which I am looking forward to doing asap to help me to keep going forward.

  • Name: Josephine

    My time with Julie was so worthwhile:

    - Incredible accuracy.
    - Amazing warmth and such a contagious sense of humour.
    - I feel that the ability to be guided makes life so much easier when making decisions.
    - I feel confident in moving forward with my life and have so much gratitude.

  • Name: Ruth

    Julie was very calm and understood what I was dealing with in myself.

    She has given me some things to work on and help me deal with what I need to deal with.

    She was amazing.

    Thank you.

  • Name: Arran Colbourne

    Releasing bad juju. Julie is great! Helps explain in a way that is both left and right brain friendly.

  • Name: Rachel Johnson

    It was very intense and emotional, but to let go and deal with what I was dealing with and accepting the new, happier me and saying goodbye to the darkness.

    I recommend to open and do this for yourself. We all deserve to be free and enjoy life.

    Don't be scared, embrace it.

    Much love.

  • Name: Christine Stewart

    Always an enlightening and rewarding experience.

    Always gives me the joyful knowledge that things happen for a reason - a logical reason - yeee - Love being here <3

  • Watch a video testimonial: https://youtu.be/cichCZJef7c

  • Name: Ashley

    Julie is wonderful when dealing with kids. My 11 year old daughter could easily understand what she needed, and we've been able to start fixing issues that have been roadblocks for a long time.

    She's sensitive, compassionate and very skilled at reading and clearing blockages no one else I know can do. I'd recommend her for sure!

  • Name: Alana Brincat

    In today's session I feel I have received knowledge of ways I can help myself that I would never have thought of, and as a kid that is huge.

    I have received information that has helped me understand my situation from someone who can receive info that no one else can.

  • Name: Mark Robinson

    Next level understanding and healing.

    Pulls no punches in the most awesome way!!

    Meant to be. Thank you!

  • Name: Rachel Kalinowski

    Relieving insight.

    Best weight you ever lifted from those heavy shoulders.

    Enjoying the light feather feeling.

    So grateful. Will highly recommend.

  • Name: Elaine Ruan


  • Name: Faye Powell

    My session today has reaffirmed things and given me directions in ways to day with issues going on in my life affecting myself and my family.

    I look forward to working with Julie to bring harmony to my household, making way for our future healthy happiness.

    Thank you Julie.

  • Name: Edon Adamopoulos

    Julie offers very practical advice and provides additional paperwork for home.

    Everything she said was also very accurate and spot on - very surprised by the things she said and the advice she gave :)

  • Name: Amy (Crohns disease)

    I was doing everything on the outside/surface level for my health. When Julie helped me release some trauma.

    I am now medication free - Remission, optimal health, happy gut and hormones.

  • Name: Stacey

    I found today's session really refreshing and insightful.

    Julie was amazing at making you feel really comfy and at ease.

    Nailed heaps of my things too.

  • Name: Hayley

    Amazing, very relaxed. Made situations in life make sense.

    I would recommend Julie to anyone!! I can't thank her enough.

  • Name: Rhiannon Fuller

    Very relaxed and safe. Calm environment.

    Julie is so amazing and very loving calming personality.

    Highly recommend.

  • Name: Sharni

    I'm so grateful to Julie for her counsel and services. She truly is a fantastic healer.

    I have always been so hesitant to discuss personal issues, but Julie allowed me to feel completely comfortable in trusting her.

    I highly recommend a guidance/healing session with Julie. It will change your perspective and help you immensely.

    Thank you Julie.

    This is probably one of the best things I've ever done.

  • Name: Adrian

    Service: Reading

    Hey Julie

    Hope you're well...yep that session certainly touched on a few things, tore off a few scabs and set things up for the next while. Have had some time to process the session... and even now little details from it keep popping up as life unfolds. The homework and follow up info was good too.

    I've taken to toasting my new guide whenever I have a drink. I figure everyone on this side or the other works better when their work is appreciated... and cheers to you too. Ax

    PS. I had an inkling you were good when I met you but was blown away with your work.

    Thanks again Adrian.

  • Name: Michelle

    The session has brought me inner understanding, complete honest acceptance of past and present.

  • Name: Christine Cullen

    It gave me permission to be true to self. Brought closure to the past and got rid of a guide that did not work in my favour.

    I feel so happy at where I stand today and the amazing tomorrow that is.

  • Name: Christine Stewart

    Insightful / Enlightening / Assuring and so real to my needs and thoughts.

    Now peaceful and energised to take on whatever comes by my path in this universe.

    Thank you too for healing my mum.

  • Name: Belinda Rattle

    Happiness Heals is a place where you can come and feel welcome, respected and helped in many different ways.

    Julie has an ability to make everyone feel special and treats everyone she meets as an individual.

    Happiness Heals is aptly named. There is certainly an abundance of happiness and healing coming out of such a small space due to its owner and staff - and it's AMAZING!

  • Name: Kirsten

    Julie was lovely and very empathetic. The session was very beneficial and Julie provides you with an array of information and work to do (strategies) to assist in your life.

  • Name: Jennifer Shannon

    Julie was wonderful. Not scared to point in direction.

  • Name: Belinda Rattle

    The information I received as a result of my session with Julie has assisted me greatly in my healing.

    Julie is very kind and respectful, and is also able to get to the heart of any difficulties and can help release blockages, whether they are mental, emotional or physical.

  • Name: Sarah Sell

    Service: Reading

    It was amazing. Julie helped me very much to understand what was going on and how to help change it.

    I thank her with all my heart.

  • Name: Paul

    Service: Reading

    Highly recommended and cute!

  • Name: Amy Benn

    Service: Reading

    - Incredibly valuable,
    - Insightful
    - Absolutely what I need

    Thank you!

  • Name: Sarah Ricciuti

    Today was very enlightening. After my session, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders and that I had purpose again.

    Well worth it, an incredible experience.

  • Name: Lucy Tamayo

    I feel happy, lifted, peaceful.

    I recommend Julie and staff to anyone who needs help - spiritual and physical form.

    They're a bunch of good human beings.



  • Name: Jessica Moss

    Amazing, just what I needed. Picked up on a lot of stuff and helped give direction.

    Much love and peace.

  • Name: Catherine McGrath

    A very helpful session - provided help for my whole family. Feeling wonderful and very positive.

    Would recommend to others.

  • Name: Antonette

    Strange, different, non-conventional but love it and connected.

    I'm sure what I heard today will resonate in the coming weeks/months/years.

    Thank you!

  • Name: Paula Leslie

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? I got the help I needed to move forward.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Very informative - answered all my Q's, not always what I wanted to hear but made sense.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Knowing where the path is that I need to take.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Insight. Some clarity.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Ask the 'stupid' questions, because the answer may amaze you, and it's ok.

    I like that Julie told me what I needed to hear, whether it was what I wanted, but in a way that I was able to accept it and think of different possibilities.

  • Name: Dean

    I met Julie about 7 or 8 months ago. I was in quite a difficult period in my life where I was struggling to find direction and purpose in my life.

    One afternoon, seeking answers, I found myself drawn to All By Julie and was welcomed by a fascinating lady sitting behind the counter, she introduced herself as Julie. At that moment, by journey begun.

    At the beginning of this year, myself and my partner began to attend Julie’s Spiritual Development classes on a Thursday night. The people I have met and the things I have learned in these classes as been invaluable. Julie is an excellent teacher who takes the time to make sure everyone understands and is on the same page.

    In February I had the honor of sitting with Julie for one of her EFT sessions. I was blown away! Julie knew all the answers to the questions I have been asking for most of my life, she helped me to understand my purpose, to love and appreciate myself and how to tackle the emotional obstacles and life continually throws at us.

    What Julie does is an Art and she is the ultimate Artiste. A lifetime (or several) of experiences has give Julie the knowledge and wisdom to teach others what she knows. She is brilliant at her job and a fantastic person to look up to and admire.

    Thank you Julie for the lessons and experiences learned, for the friendship and the support and for always being there with the right thing to say. I hope you continue to touch lives with your incredible skills.

  • Name: Anne

    A year ago I came to you with a close friend (also Julie), you were still working from your home, & I had some inner healing work done on my heart. The next few days I felt as if I had been in an accident, I felt bruised all over & couldn’t understand it. The next few months saw me doing massive releasing, clearing & healing from a lifetimes accumulated hurts that I held on to. It was excruciating work!!

    My Beloved Guides gave me further healings as well. What I needed to tell you was that I was guided to you that day & the soreness I felt was from the powerful healing work you did on me, it helped dislodge & move a blockage in my heart space that enabled all the toxic crap to be released!! Without you doing that, I would not have been able to move forward & do what I came here to do. I now have my Reiki Level 1 & am about to do my Level 2!! Also, you had mentioned a lost crystal I would find & YES, it was my Laboradite tumble, but interestingly I was VERY strongly drawn to a pendulum, so I bought it without knowing what crystal it was & checking later found it to be Laboradite too!! VERY powerful!!

    So, as feedback is crucial to all spiritual work in my opinion, I want to thank you with so much love & gratitude for being part of my healing journey!!! My life’s work is to heal people also & without you help, I couldn’t have done it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    Much love & blessings to you

  • Name: Lydia

    Successful, internal de-cluttering and cleansing today using past life regression led by Julie in a calming, nurturing environment. Lots of “a-ha” light bulb moments ,a trans-formative experience and I’m sure one which will lead me to brilliant moments in my future . Clarity, self belief and trust , here I come! Lydia Hands :) Thank-you again Julie! xx

  • Name: Angela

    Hi everyone, my daughter and I having been at Julie's classes on a Thursday night since last year, We both have grown so much and really learnt how the universe teaches and helps our everyday lives. Thank-you so much to Julie for her guidance and support. Recommended to everyone to learn the teachings and techniques.also to meet a great team of people, thank-you Angela and Anita xx

  • Name: Fresh-Ink Grafix

    So since I had my appointment with you two weeks ago I have managed to get the job I have been chasing for over a year, I have not been stressed at all- that has given me heaps of energy during the day which also has impacted greatly on my daughter, I have been more social and feel great about all these new people I am bringing into my life. Overall.. I feel fkn awesome & on top of the world!!!

    I am truly grateful for all you have done for me. And want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Looking forward to seeing you again x

  • Name: Anita

    Before I met Julie I was an out of home student, 20 years old and sinking. I couldn’t speak up for myself, was riddled with doubt and felt the onset of depression. But from the first class with Julie I felt amazing! I had released all the tension and fear that had plagued me for months. With more classes I learnt how to fight my negative self.

    Sometimes you are your worst enemy. With the power of positive thought and the ability to accept and let go of the past I have brought so much love and happiness into my life. I found a new job, started getting A’s in all my classes, brought abundance of money to myself and improved my relationships with friends and parents. Julie teaches you how to use these secrets so that you may never have to return to classes. Why do I keep coming back? Because I love it!

    Every week I treat myself with meditation, love and laughs in a circle of so many different people that feels like a second family. Thank-you Julie for preparing me for a life of happiness I could never have achieved with my old mindset.

    Thank you again for all your help.

  • A Big Thank You!

    My Son Dan was holding onto a lot of pain from the life we had with his father. Dan was unable to move forward. After many general main stream counseling sessions, Physiologist sessions over the last 6 years nothing seemed to have helped.

    Then I was told about your shop, we came for a visit which has changed our lives’ tremendously. With EFT / Counseling and guidance from you, Dan is now a happy well adjusted teenager with a great outlook.

    I myself have learnt different ways of dealing with life’s up’s and downs since attending your weekly Meditation and Spiritual class’s. I have been able let go of the pain from my past, and am moving forward to a happier me! Seeing life much more positively. :)

    Julie, thank you for the awesome help and support you have given myself and family

    Always Smiling :)


  • Name: Dayle Morgan

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Beneficial outcome.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Personal/Honest

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Better person.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Full

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Helps get rid of a lot of sh*t.

  • Name: Ranee Hanlon

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Julie is so down to earth and is direct in telling you what you need to hear.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Fantastic! She was fun, entertaining and made me feel releaxed and at ease.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? The benefits have started with giving me direction, which has made a happy family environment.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? You can't put a price on it. It has changed my life for the better and made me happy.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Julie's approach is casual and gives a warm, loving, helping feel. You feel listened to, and she takes in everything you say.

    She incorporates her personal experience in situations that you can relate to. You feel at ease and relaxed. She is a true healer and helper and this is portrayed in her approach.

    Overall, the shop has a loving feel and is there to help. I always feel comforted and welcome in the shop. The staff are caring and loving. Always there to help.

    Thank you!

  • Name: Rylee McGuire

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? It is a very enjoyable and enlightening space.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Very helpful, warm and calming.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Help me unlock my inner-self.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Insight into my true self.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Just be yourself.

  • Name: Jo Miller

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Julie gets to the core of your issues in a no bullsh*t way.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Amazing, uplifting and freeing.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? I feel lighter, happier, more confident and in control.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Value for myself

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Works with love, understanding and tools to move forward.

  • Name: Catherine White

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? So caring, compassionate. A gem!

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Very intense and healing.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? A new beginning.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? My life back (hope).

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Very intuitive/knowing.

  • Name: Michelle Devlin

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Feel great after reading.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Great.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Feel beter about me.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Feel beter about me.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? When you need to be uplifted and feel better.

  • Name: Caroline Perry

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Very informative and helpful re: strategies to implement.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Visiting shop.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Hope for change.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Opportunity for change.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Investing in oneself.

  • Name: Ankita Kapoor

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. It's shifted something in me.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Great and peaceful. She is beautiful and understanding.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Peaceful, loving myself and be content. Will see the results in the next few days.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Right now it's overwhelming - I am feeling a shift. It will affect me more next week.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? You are great and you understand people and you have an amazing gift.

  • Name: Koly

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. Amazing session. Totally worth it.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Very helpful, informative, relaxing.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Feeling better about myself. A change of my beliefs and attitudes.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? A whole change in perspective in my life.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Helpful, understanding, gives lots of info to help and great changes for you.

  • Name: Tristan Lovell

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. Go straight to the core of it.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Fantastic. Looking forward to living the results

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Clearing what has been holding me back.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Great value. It is up to me to realise it.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Just do it. Fast-track your results.

  • Name: Sophia Di Trapani

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. Confirmed what I needed to know and gave me the strength to believe in myself.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Heavy, but a relief.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Change.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Guidance.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Amazing, she can help guide and confirm.

  • Name: Jaelyn Boyle

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. She is very trustworthy

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Really informative with correct information.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? How I handle exams.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? That I'm OK.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Julie definitely knows what she is doing.

  • Name: Janine

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. You go a step further and remind us to sort through our emotional stuff

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Relaxing and healing.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Progression in the right direction of my journey.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Peace of mind that it will work out as should be.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? You are great in helping people to recognise what is going on within.

  • Name: Sheidan Shattock

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. They really know how to make you heal and feel good about yourself.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? She helped me to heal and feel good about myself.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Knowing I can go on and learn to heal more and love myself.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Not to go back to my old habits.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Julie helps to get rid of the bad energy and to be able to heal.

  • Name: Germaine

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. Lovely person and beautiful energy.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? I got what I needed to help me.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Confidence and personal power.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Relief and confidence.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Straight from the source and direct.

  • Name: Luke T.

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. Excellent service.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Amazing.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Growth.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Joy.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Angelic, spiritual.

  • Name: Andrea Brown

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Hell yes! Amazing experience.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Wonderful, insightful, life-changing.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Feeling lighter and confident to move on.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? It's invaluable, cant express how amazing I feel.

  • Name: Sarah Breeden

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. I had an amazing reading and all the ladies here are so helpful.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? 1 word = AMAZING!

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Healing and facing things that I need to release.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? The beginning of healing and a happier future.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? You are beautiful, honest, kind. You will help many people to come.

  • Name: Celeste Summers

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes. Completely different experience to other readings. Very good at allowing myself to be myself.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Very relaxed and easy to understand. Gave lots of constructive advice on how to help myself now too.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Forward change for the positive. I feel good and ok about who I am.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Allowing myself to be open, true and accepting of who I am.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Very constructive learning and surprised the useful thing I have inside.

  • Name: Marie Arrif

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, it felt as though you could read my mind.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Interesting - I felt I needed to hear some advice and I got it.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? To stop doubting myself.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? The words spoken made sense.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? You just know.

  • Name: Kayla Byrne

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, Julie was so kind and caring. She has given me so many tools to help me in my life.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Julie? Amazing! Julie has made me so much more aware of my concerns, she listens to my issues and doesn't judge me.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? My heart was more awake after leaving her, I now have a bigger understanding of what I need to do.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Clarity and Peace. More emotionally connected to my life, rather than a spectator.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? You make people feel happier and calmer.

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  • Private Sessions with Beryl
  • Name: Stephanie Oviss

    Felt lighter and happy in my skin. Well needed healing.

  • Name: Trinette Ohlsen

    Thank you Beryl for such an amazing healing session. You have helped me understand things about myself I didn't know existed.

    Because of your amazing gifts, I have gone from taking 7 strong pain medications per day down to 3.

    I can't believe how much of a difference 1 session has made in my life.

    I can't wait to see how I feel after my next session.

    Thank you.

  • Name: Kim

    I have experienced significant healing and spiritual growth as a result of the Reiki sessions I have had with Beryl.

    If you have never had Reiki before and are curious, Beryl holds space beautifully and you will feel safe, relaxed and connected.

    Highly recommended!

  • Name: Danielle

    Thank you so much for our last session. It has allowed me to come back to my true self and I have finally allowed myself to choose me and to look forward to the future.

    After all of our amazing sessions, this was the final healing I needed.

    Thank you again.

  • Name: Michelle Devlin

    Very grounding. Feel fantastic. Great work!

  • Name: Sharni

    My session with Beryl was truly amazing. I was holding a lot of heartaches and could not release it on my own.

    During the session I felt Beryl lifting these blockages from me. This was my first Reiki session, I could not be more happy with the result. It was a truly beautiful experience.

    Beryl possesses the most amazing energy - as soon as the session began, I felt an abundance of light. After the session was completed, I felt lighter within my body.

    I highly recommend having Reiki performed by Beryl and I will be back in the future.

    Thank you Beryl.

  • Name: Jordi

    Very relaxing. Would highly recommend to new beginners.

  • Name: Nicholas Jacovon

    Service: Reiki

    Calming and invaluable. Awakening the spiritual development.

  • Name: Danielle

    Service: Reiki

    Was amazing, relaxing and informative.

  • Name: Sharlene Murphy

    Service: Reiki

    Allowing yourself to be free from the past, healing, self-awareness and nurturing.

  • Name: Sue Henderson

    I felt a lot of weight/blockages come loose, and the relief from that.

    Felt the energy travelling through my body. I could feel the healing. Felt tension taken away.

    Definitely felt much better after.

  • Name: Jo Miller

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes! Very caring, nurturing, intuitive and awesome!

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Beryl? Wonderful.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? I have been re-energised and feel so much lighter.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? To remember to honour myself and my feelings.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Beryl helps clear unnecessary baggage!

  • Name: Jo

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, Very is amazing and easy to connect with, and is also very caring and understanding.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Beryl? Totally awesome!

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Calmer persona.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Sense of pride

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Takes out the negative and puts in the positive.

  • Name: Jenny Morgan

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, Beryl is a bright and bubbly person to be around and very friendly.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Beryl? Very relaxing and comfortable.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? I feel the benefits are about me enjoying my time in the session.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Everything she tells me at the end of our session helps me. I love spending time with Beryl so thats value in itself.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? She explains everything to you and makes you feel 100% comfortable.

  • Name: Chloe Arow

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes because it was relaxing.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Beryl? Very nice and relaxing.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Relaxation.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? I'll wait and see.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Nice and friendly.

  • Name: Abbey Sweetman

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, great service, really helpful and caring. Full of information.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Beryl? Amazing, a relief I was looking for and a breath of fresh air.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? More energy and peace. Balance and happiness.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Great value! Will be a 'frequent flyer'.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Life changing, nurturing and caring. Very gifted.

  • Name: Stephanie Morgan

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Beryl? I find it very relaxing.

  • Name: Michelle Devlin

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, it was fantastic.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with Beryl? Fantastic.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? I feel grounded.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Very fantastic.

  • Name: Viki Schumi

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, THE most beautiful and enlightening experience.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Peaceful and calmer.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Release of some pent up issues.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Beautiful soul!!

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  • Private Sessions with David
  • Name: Carmel

    Walked in with an open mind ready to feel better body and mind.

    Walked out lighter, refreshed and a new perspective towards my body.

  • Name: Amber Griggs

    Relaxing, realigning and a pure lightness.

    I feel more balanced, more present and able to reflex my body and muscles much more smoothly, with less weight, and less restriction.

    All in all an amazing experience that I would highly recommend!

    Thank you.

  • Name: Jessica Stenzel

    Beyond theraputic, the best experience I have ever received.

    I entered not knowing what to expect and was absolutely blown away. When I left I felt light and the most love in the world!

    My heart has never felt fuller and my soul so expansive and ready to receive...

    Everything + all


  • Name: Simone

    I feel a million dollars. Everything has been put back into place. Thank you so much.

    Everyone that has given birth should see David to be put back together.

  • Name: Lauren Stuart

    David helped me identify that I hold so much emotional trauma and pain in my body and my heart.

    Letting go and acknowledging that I am my safe place and it's OK to feel, and OK to let go.


  • Name: Hellen

    My daughter (7) had an issue with her hips and her foot turning in. David's adjustment was just what she needed to begin her healing and after 2 years of tripping over - she hasn't tripped at all since her session.

    David made her feel so comfortable and at ease, and we are so happy!

    Thank you!

  • Name: Savannah Prelorenzo

    My dad had a stroke, was not able to move his right side, his emotional state was suffering.*

    After his first sessionwith David there was SIGNIFICANT improvement. Mentally and physically. The second session was even better.

    David's intuitiveness and care is such an amazing thing. I cannot wait to see the continued results.

    *He got some movement back, but not as much as he wanted.

  • Name: Rachel

    Thank you David! Thank you so so SO much. I had been sick with chronic spontaneous urticaria for over a year, was getting to a point where I couldn't eat anything without having an allergic reaction worth taking a trip to the emergency room, with a body covered with hives. Even was leading up to symptoms as intense as swelling lips/throat/tongue.

    No doctor knew how to help, besides suppress it more with antihistamines that weren't working. It truly felt like if I didn't get help, it would have been the autoimmune disease that killed me from either anaphylaxis or just needing a way out of the physical agony.

    Seeing David felt like seeing a magic man. It felt like meeting the person who I've needed for a long time to get through the sickness.

    One hour with him gave me so many answers that doctors weren't able to.

    Feeling listened to, understood and guided with full trust and no judgement. He taught me a new perspective to the connections between physical health, mental health and how traumas can come through the physical body in crazy ways.

    Since seeing him, I have been off medication and symptom free, and I am SO amazed that HE could help in only one hour (where others from the health industry were not) in the best ways.

  • Name: Justine Pearson

    The session with David was just what I needed to put things right with my body.

    Whilst I wish I had visited earlier to receive the benefits, I believe in divine timing and hope that I continue to put my health and wellbeing first.

    David has great attention to detail and a commitment to fixing what he can.

    My knees, shoulders, hips and neck have felt so much better since the session.

    Overall as a person I feel more balanced as well.

    Thank you!

    David scores: 10/10

    Well done

  • Name: Allison Stewart

    My session with David was amazing - he is magical!

  • Name: Rachel

    I felt like my whole body, physically and spiritually, was transformed.

    The pain from my mum having cancer isn't just pain. Lots of that pain has been released.

    I feel more awakened and alive. I feel the love and warmth will be back for many years to come.


  • Name: Justine Pearson

    Service: Hormoplex Testing

    At first I had no idea what to expect. My experience of Hormoplex Testing was a positive one.

    It was a relief to discuss the hormone cycle and understand better what has been occurring for me.

    It felt good to be supported.

    After a few days I feel like there was a circuit breaker and my moods are more manageable.

    I truly believe that numerous family squabbles have been avoided due to the help received.

    A poem: When Help Arrives (17/11/2020)

    It's great when help arrives,
    Not one source but many.
    Why is it that when things are tough
    it feels hard to find?
    But then look and see,
    Ask and it is presented.

    Thank you, help has arrived.

    By Justine Pearson.

  • Name: Genevieve

    David is one in a million! A gentle man that helped me with the right tools and exercises to discover my true self.

  • Dave,

    I would like to thank you so much for healing me. You have a very special, magical gift within you.

    Thank you for healing me, for I don't know where I would be today if I hadn't listened to Beryl (the lady out the front of the shop).

    I chose to seek help from you and you have changed my life. I listen to my guides more.

    Love and light to you. Thank you once again. The best thing I have done to change and work on my inner inside.

    Love Glenda xxx

  • Name: Nerissa Goff

    I saw David about 5 years ago - I was trying to fall pregnant - planning our family. I'd been told I would have great complications...

    Then I saw David. I was just stepping into my-self; I hadn't learnt to trust my body.

    I'd never had any kinesiology done on me before & I instantly felt the connection... My body spoke & I heard her for the very first time... I fell pregnant a month later.

    Thank you Julie and David. I feel blessed to have met you both.

    x Nerissa Goff.

  • Name: Ash

    Seeing David has made such a huge difference in helping me to realise my potential - the trust, care and compassion shown to me has never happened before, and for me is truly life changing.

    David is able to see what needs to change, and challened me to be honest with myself in a way that I felt completely at ease, safe and comfortable dealing with.

    There's no place to hide behind my barriers! And working hard to break them down is exactly why I made the time to see him.

    It is always going to help seeing him, if you are ready to change and need help.

  • Name: Tracey denBoer

    David was very grounding. I had my hormoplex done and finding it amazing.

    Night sweats are gone and I'm feeling much more relaxed.

    Thank you David

  • Name: Belinda

    David has helped me to be pain free and has given me the information and strategies to remain so and maintain my physical and mental health going forward.

    For all of this and today's appointment, I am truly grateful.

  • Name: Jennifer

    Service: Massage

    A massage with David is not just an ordinary massage, it is so much more! He helps you get to the source of your problem and to sort it out. He helps you actually feel and listen to what is going on in your body, so you know what you are needing.

    We all seem to go drifting through life without actually feeling what we need to do and shutting our emotions down. You are able to confront it head on and put things into perspective.

    You really start to hear your body and find yourself again. Your body is worth it - it's your choice if you want to feel amazing, centered and totally relaxed from within yourself.

    Make an appointment, you deserve the chance to feel amazing and your body will thank you for it.

    You will sleep better and be more relaxed if you look after your body, and David is the right person to help you with that.

  • Name: Christine Cullen

    Service: Massage

    Came in to clear all the negative out of my body. Life took its toll.

    1. Reiki first, got me tuned up.
    2. Got my back sorted with David. Unloaded all the injustice, had an interesting massage.

    David is so caring and sincere.

    It's 2 years later now and I feel energetic, confident, happy, I am a humanitarian and I have begun my new career as a singer.

    Starting with my wayward mum. I have started singing at my place of birth. The greatest thing that happened was coming here to find myself again.


  • Name: Jessica

    The session was amazing. I felt so empowered and relaxed. David was amazing at identifying blocks and helping fix them and realigning.

    My body started to feel connected to me again and I walked out feeling empowered, full of hope and excited for the future.

    I couldn't stop smiling and felt a glow in my face, not to mention the physical benefits.

  • Name: Adam Mitchell

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, David really knows his stuff!

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with David? Challenging and very rewarding. An influx of knowledge and wisdom.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Greater understanding of my mind, body and spirit.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Knowledge and knowledge gives power. Power to actively change for the better.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Give a better understanding of every aspect that is you.

  • Name: Anita

    I’d like to send a very big thank-you to David for helping me with taking control of my crazy uni work. I set aside 3 hours for my essay and wrote it perfectly in 30 mins. I feel like myself again. Thank-you so much.

  • Name: Kelly

    Huge thank you to both David & Julie! David’s use of total body machine changed my life. Its hard to explain how it works, but it just does! Desensitization to lactose helps immensely as I’m lactose intolerant. It’s enhanced my taste to even simple things like water.

    Thanks so much David! Highly recommended :)

  • Name: Joyce Cruise

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, because he can change your life.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with David? Awesome - life changing.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? The benefits are endless if you want them. He helps you discover and new you.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? I am a happier, healthier person.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? I fell my friends that this is experience is nothing like anything else, but it works.

  • Name: Natalie Auden

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, because David is able to release not just physical but emotional pain quickly.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with David? I felt very safe and relaxed and able to release emotions and physical pains with ease.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? A stronger, more confident selfÖ 'At peace with myself.'

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? A reconnection between my mind, body and soul.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? In a very safe way David gets to the core issues using his intuition and body work.

  • Name: Leeanne Gordon

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, the best healing hands I have ever had.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with David? Excellent.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Less pain, more relaxed and happy within.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? A more relaxed and pain free body. More happier in the mind.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? He knows peoples bodies by touch, more so than what you know yourself.

  • Name: Andrea Standen-Thomas

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, I experienced so much more than I could have imagined. Treatment is so much more than massage alone, it is healing body work.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with David? Profoundly healing, releasing and calming.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Clarity of direction, emotional strength, release from long accumulated pain and tension.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? I just feel healed. Sounds simple but it means so much to me.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Very powerful, intuitive, precise, caring and able to release deep held tension caused by emotional pain.

  • Name: Karen Hanmer

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, words cannot describe.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with David? Amazeballs.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Self awareness.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Peace and slightly bettered.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? A mind, body and soul awakening.

  • Name: Julie Tauali

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, because you guys are awesome!

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with David? Amazing, mind blowing and more beneficial than I thought.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Stress and tension relief.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? I feel better as a whole person.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Reiki Massage and Healing!

  • Name: Natalie

    Would you recommend me to other people, and if yes, why? Yes, because he is amazing on so many levels.

    How did you find your sessions/treatment you had with David? Very revealing and I felt very safe.

    What do you feel the benefits will be from your session? Feeling better inside myself.

    What value do you feel you've received from the session? Happiness.

    How would you describe to other people how I work and how I can help? Gentle and caring.

  • Name: Jodie

    Thank you David for your incredible work today – my hip certainly feels a lot better now it’s back where it belongs!

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  • Yoni & Lingam Magic
  • Name: Rachel

    Service: Yoni Magic

    What an experience. This was my second time having a yoni healing & we dropped into things deeper as the prep work can take a while before fully going into it.

    Julie is someone I feel super comfortable with on my healing journey & she’s helped me with a lot.

    I hadn’t ever heard of a yoni healing before until it was mentioned during a course I was doing at the shop & I was curious; so curious to learn what it even is to do a yoni healing as well as receive & face my own personal stuff. It opened me up to some answers that were healing for me, even tapping into past memories that have been suppressed, bringing it to the surface & overcoming it as needed.

    Oh also; Julie is really good with her hands & with the support for emotions or anything that you need. She just knows. Full of wisdom & brings amazing healing to this universe. I highly recommend anyone who feels the calling & is ready to face their wounds from within. I loved it & will be back for more.

    Thank you again Rachel

  • Name: Andrew

    Service: Lingam session

    Through Julie's gentle guidance, I was able to connect to parts of myself I didn't realise were creating internal conflict, and integrate these into myself in a healthy, energising way.

    Julie's bodywork shifted blocks that needed moving in a loving and gentle way, leaving me feel a deep relaxation I haven't felt for a long time.

    Thank you for a beautiful and nurturing experience.

  • Name: Felix

    Service: Lingam session

    An amazing experience awakening energies I did not know I had.

    Julie is very affirming and makes you feel comfortable instantly.

    Try it and find the new you!

  • Name: Jo

    Service: Yoni Magic

    My Yoni session with Julie went above and beyond my expectations.

    Julie's ability to make me feel safe and comfortable is remarkable.

    For many years I have lived with pain and just thought it was normal. Even my periods and using tampons was painful. After my Yoni healing, the pain has gone!!

    I feel more connected to my body than ever before.

    I truly trust Julie and her intuition, and highly recommend her services.

  • Name: Adam

    Service: Lingam session

    I went into this session with Julie nervous and not sure what to expect. I went in with an open heart and belief that it was for my highest good.

    I can happily say WOW, it was amazing. I walked out feeling more connected with myself than ever before. Was able to unlock a whole lot of energies I had stuck around my body.

    I would absolutely recommend this session - it was amazing and helped me a lot!

  • Name: Armelle

    Service: Yoni Magic

    My experience with Julie was so magical. She knew exactly how to read my body and how to guide me gently.

    Tensions in my Yoni repeatedly melted away under her touch and left me feeling so grateful and excited for infinite possibilities of pleasure and power.

    She is a true healer and if you want to explore and heal your Yoni, she’s the real deal.

  • Name: Brooke

    Service: Yoni Magic

    Julie holds such a nurturing space and I felt really safe to journey with her during a Yoni massage session. I was able to feel tension gently release from my Yoni and felt held when I moved through various emotions.

    Feeling this release then allowed me to feel more pleasure through my entire being and I’m deeply grateful for that.

  • Name: Peta

    Service: Yoni Magic

    I decided to receive a Yoni massage from Julie, at first I was a little nervous and unsure of what it was about.

    Upon going into the room when the massage was being held Julie made me feel safe and comfortable, we sat down before and had a chat to connect with one another before the massage and I told her what I wanted to clear, she would also bring up points that she believed would be beneficial for me to clear as well.

    During the massage I felt comfortable and safe the whole time, it was very relaxing to finally let go of all my stress and worries. When the massage was complete I felt so light on my feet. I felt more confident in myself and being a woman.

    Thank you Julie.

  • Name: Jenny

    Service: Yoni Magic

    If it was only one word, I would say "Amazing" - but that doesn't come close. It is life-changing, shifts what needs to be released. You feel amazing, centred and whole.

    Puts things into perspective, brings you back to your core, allows you to find you, yourself and what is your happiness.

    Say YES to YOU.

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  • Cleansing Spray
  • Name: Beck

    Grounds me and resets my energy.

  • Name: Shay McGrath

    Julie's Cleansing Spray has helped so much. A staple for creating my home space, both my daughters and I have been super grateful to use the spray as a daily support in my life.

  • Name: Adriana

    It calms and grounds me. I feel lighter and more at ease when it occurs.

  • Name: Hope

    When using the Cleansing Spray, I get a light feeling in my heart. It makes me calm and gives a free feeling.

  • Name: Donna

    The Cleansing Spray helps my daughter with her anxiety. I use it each morning to calm her and clear her before-school nerves.

    It's great and smells amazing too!!

  • Name: Charley (11 years old)

    I like that it cleanses our minds. It helps me be more peaceful.

    Name: Jacinta (mum)

    I use this to cleanse my house and the kids. It helps the house feel peaceful and calm.

    It helps the children's room feel calmer and they sleep better.

    Definitely notice the difference.

  • Name: Holly Mayne

    The Aura Spray helped me feel clear, grounded, connected and relaxed.

    The spray also helps with cleansing my crystals and making sure there are no bad energies on them, ensuring that they are free of negative energies.

  • Name: Anonymous

    I love the cleansing Aura Spray. Every time I have my aura cleansed, I feel grounded, at peace and relaxed. I feel having my aura cleansed helps me to bring a grounded energy to my space and to my crystals.

    This spray can also be beneficial for cleansing your space and crystals, allowing a clean slate for growth and awakening.

  • Name: Matisse (15)

    The Aura Spray makes me feel calm and grounded. It clears my mind and opens my eyes up to things I might be ignoring.

  • Name: Kylie

    I use the spray daily. When I feel anxious it allows me to understand the anxiety and release it into the air.

    It also helps my daughter with autism release her anger.

  • Name: Sam

    I find the aura spray to be grounding. I always leave the shop feeling relaxed and refreshed.

  • Name: Olivia - 9 years old

    It makes me feel calm and happy. It helps me relax and feel more confident. It also makes me feel and be myself.

  • Name: Kym

    I absolutely love the aura spray. I feel grounded, relaxed and at peace when used.

    I love that I can cleanse all my crystals also.

    My kids enjoy an aura spray most mornings.

  • Name: Kate Parsons

    As soon as this spray surrounds me I feel instant calm and bliss, heightening my mood.

    Along with its divine smell, I always look forward to being immersed in its wonder.

  • Name: Justine Pearson

    I love using the Cleansing Spray as a circuit breaker, to help improve the mood and atmosphere of a place.

    It is especially useful when family issues arise. My kids joke "You're spraying that again!"

    It's uplifting, brings positivity and moves things along.

    The spray is also great as a solution when I don't know what else to do.

    Thank you.

  • Name: Aleisha T (11 years old)

    When I use my cleansing spray on my crystals, they feel more alive. It makes me feel like I'm around people and that they have something to say to me. But I can never understand what it is.

    I recommend the cleansing spray for people who want to connect with their crystals, as it has really helped me to understand them more.

  • Name: Kiera Barrigan (12 years old)

    When I have a cleansing spray I feel all of my worries flush away and I feel all of my problems flush away as well.

    And when I have a cleansing spray and I breathe it in, I start to relax and I start to feel calmer than I ever was before.

    The aura spray also makes me feel like I have my crystals with me wherever I go and my crystals also bring me good luck.

  • Name: Katrina Torriero

    Aids in clearing negative thoughts and tensions. Bring a peaceful, calming influence.

    Helps to relieve whatever bad feelings are weighing you down.

  • Name: Simone

    What a wonderful calming spray! Even my dog calms from a simple spray.

  • I visited Happiness Heals for the first time and received a complimentary spray of Cleansing & Clearing Spray, By Julie. I was running a little late for an appointment at the time, which would usually make me really anxious. But I arrived just in time, completely calm with license intact. So I went back the next day and bought a bottle.

    When I got home I was able to notice a heartwarming, lightening effect. The scent, although created from a simple recipe, revealed the complexity of the 'inner workings' of the spray.

    I especially love that vodka is used as a preservative. So many practitioners use the darker, stinkier spirits. As a result, I found this one to be more pure.

  • Name: Ashley B

    I swear by this spray! It's perfect for cleansing auras, settling upset energy, for cleansing rooms and I love it! It really does make a difference to how your space feels and how your energy feels too.

    I use lots of it! And I'd be lost cleaning my crystals without it!

  • Name: Belinda Rattle

    Clears the senses, offers clarity and helps maintain a happy mood.

  • Name: Jane

    Find it relaxing and calming and soothing.
      Brings a butterfly feeling in stomach.
      Lifts a heavy feeling off my shoulders.
      Brings positivity into my aura and lifts me up.
      Sends positive thoughts into the universe and makes my loved ones closer to me.

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  • Coaching
  • Name: Ashley Brincat

    Coaching - Overall summary

    I have changed a lot during this 10-week course, and learnt a lot about who I am, who I want to be, and how to become the best version of myself.

    I had no idea how many barriers/obstacles I've created for myself during my life-protection mostly.

    Learning how to love myself in a healthy way, and allowing myself to be loved and to give permission for both - it was a hugely powerful thing, and honestly life changing.

    ANYONE could benefit from this course, and I would definitely recommend it.

    I learnt a huge amount about myself and continue to grow every day.

    Thank you so much!

  • Session 1

    First Session - It was both interesting and challenging to determine what my desires and needs are now. We went into great detail, and I really had to evaluate what is important to me.

    It was exciting to pull apart what it meant, how I see it in my mind, and be able to understand that I am worth and deserve what I want - that's a hard lesson for me. Which is part of why I'm doing this with Julie.

    Becoming self-aware hasn't been easy, and I'm still working on it. It was great to have a defining statement at the end of the hour which I can turn into my reality, a goal if you like, of where I'm going.

    So far so good!

  • Session 2

    This session was huge for me - being able to pinpoint what's holding me back from achieving my goals, and then working through it really was hard, but both necessary and rewarding. And I felt safe doing it.

    It was very emotional realising what my truth is. I feel like something is shifting - old patterns, beliefs and programmed behaviour no longer serves me on my path, so it's time for them to change, be re-learned.

    Julie's support and guidance was critical - she's incredibly supportive. I honestly believe I wouldn't have been able to do this with anyone else.

    Holding space for me felt really great, and I trust her and her knowledge.

    Got lots of homework, but I'm invested in this process and determined to change my life for my highest good, and so I can help others too.

    I am starting to feel more confident, settled and completely genuine in who I am. No more hiding who I am - things are changing slowly.

    Can't wait to see what's next.

  • Session 3

    Today's session started to show me that my power is mine - no influences from other people, learned behaviour, or the way I've always been shown can stay if I'm going to be the best I can be. And I mean the negative stuff, of course.

    Being able to find my voice and express myself is my strength. I'm learning new ways (positive ways) to communicate with myself (and my body) and others. It feels great!

    I'm learning a lot about who I really am and what I am capable of. Facing my fears relating to family issues is a tough one, but I can see it's an important part of my puzzle. With Julie's guidance. I'm starting to trust what is my truth, and I feel safe being guided to face my fears, insecurities and anything else that's holding me back.

    Learning connected breathing has made a difference - I am more physically present and aware.

  • Session 4

    This session was about permission - letting go of fear holding me back and 'unlearning' the programming behind it.

    This week has been a huge learning week, and also getting the hang of slower breathwork, which has been a challenge for me.

    Understanding why was the key, which is the guidance Julie gave me: working at it where it is, what it looks like and how to give it the attention needed to change it, transform it.

    I'm learning how to transform fear and pain into pleasure, how to be fully present during breathwork, to accept my femininity and to balance my energies. And every session feels like progress - it's far from easy, but I look forward to each week's challenges now, because I know the benefits will always outweigh the emotions it brings up.

    The 'homeplay' is an important part. Making sure I do it every day (which changes from week to week) really is making a difference.

  • Session 5

    This week my focus was on pleasure and happiness - checking in with myself to understand what I'm allowing, and evaluating if that measures up against what I truly desire.

    Turns out it doesn't - so the work begins! Permission, safety, feeling worthy - all tied together, and getting help from Julie to reset the bar, so to speak.

    Removing the barriers I've put up so that I can truly love what I want. NOT easy and some way to go before I see it clearly, but well on the way. Putting a plan in place for next year based on what I want to feel will be a huge challenge.

    After many years of not being tuned into feeling my body and knowing what I want to experience, I still have plenty to work on. But I'm more excited than ever to have my desires, so I'm doing the work.

  • Session 6

    Today's session had me learning how to release pent-up energy surrounding the masculine side. New breathwork patterns also releasing more emotions attached to self-judgement and punishment (old patterns and learned behaviour).

    I've been feeling a lot more and as an empath, also taking on other people's energy and emotion. I have to remember it's not mine.

    Julie showed me strategies for letting it all go, and dealing with the built up energy I need a release for.

  • Session 7

    I'm always surprised by the depth of emotion that comes up, triggered by so many different situations - sometimes seemingly unrelated. The brain and body is an extraordinary thing!

    We dealt with deeply unresolved issues surrounding my childhood and a difficult point in my life. Issues around guilt, sadness, lack of freedom/feeling trapped, anger and intense changes in my family resulting in me protecting myself.

    Julie helped me to wade through all of what I felt, and peel back the layers to show me how to change the narrative for my life to move forward now, instead of feeling stuck in the past. Freedom, feeling the positive way that can be - and relearning that from before things became so hard for me.

    It's such a safe place, I know every emotion that I have to deal with can be, without fear of judgement. Julie is magnificent at holding space, and given the deeply personal things we discuss, it's vital I feel safe in that space - and I always do.

    I've left today's session feeling armed with strategies to care for myself, ways to release intense emotions safely, and show self love every day. And I love that it's called home 'play', never home 'work! Because it's rarely hard.

  • Session 8

    This session was a little different - usually there's lots of emotions that come up - this one was much more about uncovering layers of protection and giving myself full permission to rewrite the rules on what kind of protection I actually need.

    It was a bit of an eye opener - I've not really given myself permission for lots of things and it's time to change that. My goals and desires are clear, so this is an important step to achieving them.

    My 'homeplay' tasks are a lot easier to complete than they used to be. I've come a really long way and I can easily recognise that now.

  • Session 9

    This session focused again on my wants and desires and one specifically has been a constant issue. I have made great headway in making changes both conscious and unconscious, but there's still obstacles.

    With Julie's guidance, I was able to go back to the root cause of that issue, which turned out to be a past life (not the first time!) and undo the barriers that were there.

    I've got many really positive homeplay items, including ways to open myself physically (movement and stretching) and breathwork. All of which are working a treat to help me.

  • Session 10

    Final session. Mostly concentrated on breathwork - balancing feminine and masculine energy, which for me immediately physically changes how I feel.

    Julie's guidance was invaluable, it's soothing, calming and she is amazing at holding space.

    I have learnt so much and have an array of tools to help me achieve my goals, dreams and desires.

  • 2 Months after coaching

    The coaching with you helped to open me up to love of myself I didn't realise was possible, and was steps on the path to becoming ready for someone to confer into my life.

    After so much clearing from this life and past ones, it also helped create the tools for me to draw on when things get tough. It has increased my intuition, and a massive growth in self trust. It also taught me it's safe to ask for help, and to receive it, which I have spent most of my life NOT doing. Also safe and necessary to let go of anything not serving me anymore, it showed me there's other ways, paths, that I can choose to walk. Big stuff!

  • Out of 5 (5 being the most supportive experience received – above expectations) how would you rate your experience being coached by Julie:


    Working with Julie to achieve your desire, how was your experience:

    I think it's a process, I definitely feel like during our sessions I moved towards trusting myself and towards feeling more grounded. As for responding to people from an authentic place, I think I still have a wee way to go, and maybe it's always going to be something you have to keep working at. But I do think the exercises that we went through felt very genuine and I was able to get in touch with some parts of me that do not always get much attention, so I think I did make progress throughout our sessions together.

    It was really nice to have someone bringing such a cheerful and loving energy to the healing work, I felt supported and touched by Julie's attitude to healing. One great benefit was from getting in touch with some parts of myself that have been suffering and angry but not properly listened to yet. I think I found the exercises during the sessions reassuring, that I can ask myself questions and get answers, instead of hitting a wall. I received some more trust in my own capacity to heal myself and to find direction and strength and self honesty, and that has been very important and empowering for me.

    I think the main value for me is participating in processes that leave me feeling like something has shifted, or that we did actually get to some truths about how I feel. I think the other great value came from realising I don't have to push as hard as I do, that I can take a slower and less pressured road to healing. Some of the exercises were very helpful for me to reconnect with my body, and go through the process safely and not feel too drained afterwards.

    I would say that it's definitely worth doing. The style of healing might not be for everyone, but trust that even if the style is unfamiliar that it will still help uncover some powerful self knowledge. Julie is unfailingly on your team, and you feel like you're being cheered and supported from the sidelines when the game gets tough.

    Definitely would recommend Julie's coaching to others, and I hope that many get to experience Julie's warm support and guidance throughout their healing process.

    Siana Fitzjohn – 5 session coaching package.


    Out of 5 (5 being the most supportive experience received – above expectations) how would you rate your experience being coached by Julie:


    Working with Julie to achieve your desire, how was your experience:

    Grateful, it surprised me at how I was able to access my strengths and confidence after doing the work with Julie.

    I received an enormous amount of encouragement and support. Julie helped me to successfully achieve my desires at one of the most challenging times in my life.

    It was of enormous benefit, of not having to go through a challenging time alone. I looked forward to my sessions each week, to have Julie to touch base with and feel lovingly supported. I received tools, resources and strategies that help me to reach my goals and to continue my growth.

    The value in knowing there are things I can do to help my progress in situations, not having to feel powerless. The value of having strategies in conflict communication was immeasurable.

    I would recommend Julie, as she has a beautiful way of communicating clearly, she has a soft heart, wise words and is spiritually inspirational.

    With the warmest of regards,
    Lindy – 5 session coaching package.

  • Julie is masterful in her capacity to intuitively guide sessions toward deep transformation and integration. I felt so supported in discovering and claiming my deeper truth and desires.

    Julie is a rare gem - with passion and gentleness. I can’t recommend her services enough.

    - Luna – 10 session coaching package.

  • Queen Julie! You are a supreme being of love, light and joy. Your wisdom and insight on how to work with challenging clients has been priceless for me.

    For anyone really desiring to heal and grow and take life to the next level... Julie is your woman. She's got the insight to help you feel safe in your most vulnerable wounds and give you the strength, guidance and nurturing support to help you grow.

    - Michaelah Ivie

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  • Group Session: Reiki One
  • Reiki 1 October 2022
  • Name: Rachel Attard

    What a f***ing amazing experience.

    I've felt called to learn Reiki for a couple of years now and I asked the universe to provide a mentor.

    I believe the people here, Julie is one wise and amazing human/spiritual being, along with Beryl and David.

    Everyone who heals/teaches here are so patient, kind, open minded and keeps things interesting. I'm 100% coming back to learn Reiki 2 and then off to Masters.

    The healers here have healed me majorly (I was on my way to death and now I'm healed) and they have educated me with such pure and much-needed education for growth/healing.

    Thank YOU!

  • Name: Jodie Pelling

    Wow! What an amazing two-day journey this has been!

    I have learnt so much about myself, healing, energy and Reiki.

    Julie is a bloody amazing teacher and I wouldn't have wanted to study Reiki level 1 with anyone else. I will come away from this weekend feeling confident and excited to practise and learn so much more about Reiki healing in the future.

    Thank you so very much Julie (and Beryl too🙂) and see you at Reiki level 2!



  • Name: Sandi

    The Reiki 1 session with Julie was great. The whole 2 days went by beautifully. Experiences are fun and phenomenal.

    Receiving healings spiritually is a bonus from the course. Learning to trust and willingness to let go and receive through this course and by gentle approach and support of Julie was awesome.

    Forming friendships through this course is also exciting and fun. Although there is a lot of information to take on and a lot to understand, Julie taught in a way that we will not feel overloaded and feel able and achieved.

    Beryl's energy and support was also appreciated and loved.

    Looking forward to growing.

    Love and Blessings and w/ spiritually.

  • Name: Adam Irvine

    Reiki 1 was a very memorable experience. Teaching was amazing, doors were opened to the soul to allow healing.

    I have never experienced such beautiful people, kind souls and amazing energies.

    I fully trust in this, so everyone jump on board.

    Thank you

    Thank you

    Thank you

  • Reiki 1 participants - November 2021
  • Name: Charlotte Gadd

    Coming into Reiki 1, I was unsure what to expect or what I would experience. Julie helped create a safe and supportive space for me to learn about healing and different energies.

    Most importantly, she made me to feel OK with being authentically me and what I can achieve and experience through practicing Reiki.

    I will be forever grateful, thank you.

  • Name: Helen Basham

    Real, honest and raw. A fabulous introductory journey into Reiki with Julie.

    Tears, increased awareness of self and connecting with higher self/consciousness.

    Thanks for the gentle push to help me delve deeper into self love. Reiki has provided me with a tool to self heal and help those who may wish for me to heal them in the future.

    Thanks Julie!

    Helen xx

  • Name: Kate Ashcombe

    Julie's unique way of teaching is always informative as she uses her own life experiences as part of her courses.

    No question is seen as useless and her answers are open and honest.

    I would recommend to anyone wishing to educate themselves on things to come to her workshops and courses.

    Thank you Julie for creating a safe and happy environment in which to learn.

  • Name: Catherine Saisi

    Completing my Reiki 1 was a wonderfully enlightening experience with Julie.

    Thank you for being who you are. You are a treasure and shining light.

    Much love.

  • Reiki 1 participants - November 2021
  • Name: Scott

    Reiki 1 - Oh my god, what a ride.

    The best thing that I have ever taken part of.

    Bring on Reiki 2!

  • Name: Leah

    What a wonderful healing experience.

    We not only left with new skills, but a whole new magical perspective of ourselves.


  • Name: Andrea (Audrey)

    I extremely enjoyed this Reiki course and can not wait to do Reiki 2.

  • Name: Sarah

    Powerful course. Julie is a great teacher who holds space for what you need.

    The amount of information received is very clear to understand.

    Looking forward to the next stage of this journey.

    Thanks Julie!

  • Reiki 1 graduates - July 2021
  • Name:Josephine

    Happiness really does heal!

    The opportunity to work learn from Julie has been so beneficial.

    I have gained confidence in myself and my abilities as an individual.

    I feel loved, accepted and empowered to continue to care for myself and all beings that enter my space.

    Beryl and David add to the strength of community.

    And so it is.

  • Name: Jane

    Reiki 1 with Julie was the most incredible experience.

    Beautiful, healing and awakening in 1 weekend.

    I can't wait to do Reiki 2!

    Thank you Julie and Beryl.

    ❤ Jane

  • Name: Kate Ensil

    Such an incredible experience on every level!

    From the vibes of the amazingly welcoming space, to the kindness and feeling of being free to be exactly who you are - I cannot think of a better place to begin or continue your Reiki and spiritual journey.

    Thank you Julie for sharing your gifts, abilities, experiences and knowledge. It has been a magical life-changing journey and I feel so lucky to be able to call you my teacher.

  • Name: Natasha

    Reiki 1 with Julie. I was very excited starting this course. Nothing short of amazing!

    Couldn't ask for a better teacher. Will be booking in for Reiki 2 for sure!

  • Reiki 1 graduates - May 2021
  • Name: Maria Whitelock

    Date Attended: May 15th & 16th, 2021

    Firstly I would like to thank Julie and Beryl for doing my Reiki 1.

    I have learnt so much from these 2 days, not only about Reiki, but about myself.

    Julie and Beryl are such beautiful souls and recommend them both very highly.

    I feel so honoured to have been taught so much in this Reiki 1 journey. I look forward to doing more of my journey with these beautiful souls.

    So much can be learnt from the beautiful Julie

    <3 Namaste

  • Name: Syn

    Date Attended: May 15th & 16th, 2021

    Learning Reiki 1 with Julie has been such a beautiful experience full of healing, ascension and education.

    I came out of the course feeling so peaceful and so much gained awareness of self and the practice of Reiki.

    I definitely got so much more than I expected.

    Love Syn

  • Name: Stella

    Date Attended: May 15th & 16th, 2021

    Julie and Beryl were both fantastic at helping facilitate my Reiki 1 journey. I could not express how much gratitude I have for their teachings.

    I would recommend both ladies to anyone looking to further their Reiki knowledge and for self-healing services.

    Always a pleasure!

    Very knowledgeable, kind and understanding.

    Thank you Happiness Heals.

  • Reiki 1 participants Feb 2021
  • Name: Katherine

    Date Attended: Feb 27th & 28th, 2021

    Thank you Julie. Wow what an experience Reiki 1 was. So much more than I thought it was going to be.

    Day 1 - Wow, what a journey for me. You helped me heal a pain that I thought I could never heal from or forgive myself. It was an emotional day 1.

    Day 2 - a whole new Katherine. I felt so light and happy. A whole new experience and apprecation for what Reiki can do for me and others.

    I'm so excited to start my Journey and to help heal others like you have done for me.

    I loved my time here and the group of gals who I entered my Journey with was the best.

    Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and letting me be me.

    Lots of love,

    Kat xxx

  • Name: Trinette Ohlsen

    Date Attended: Feb 27th & 28th, 2021

    Thank you Julie for such a wonderful experience.

    It has been the most magical journey and I am so grateful to be able to say that I completed Reiki 1 with you.

    I am beyond excited for what the universe now has in store for me.

    Thank you for helping me awaken and start the process of self discover.

  • Reiki 1 participants Feb 2021
  • Name: Germaine

    Date Attended: Feb 6th & 7th, 2021

    After many years of fear and resistance, I finally did a Reiki 1 course and I chose Julie because I've spoken to her a few times prior and felt comfortable and a want/need to learn Reiki from her.

    What a fun, empowering, insightful and eye-opening experience!

    I learned so much about intuition and was able to ask questions easily.

    I feel empowered and energised after the weekend and look forward to Reiki II with Julie.

    Thank you Julie, you are an inspiration and truly amazing! ❤

  • Name: Jann

    Date Attended: Feb 6th & 7th, 2021

    For once I felt comfortable going into something I'd never tried before.

    Julie made me feel quite at home and I learnt so much more than I had hoped for.

    Can't wait to put it to good use.

    Thank you. ❤

  • Name: Stacie

    Date Attended: Feb 6th & 7th, 2021

    My experience with Happiness Heals was positive and life changing.

  • Name: Poornima

    I really enjoyed my Reiki level 1 course with Julie (Happiness Heals).

    SET UP: I really found it relaxing.

    COURSE STRUCTURE: Julie has covered all aspects of Reiki as well as usage of crystals.

    Her voice was so calm and deep that goes to the core of your heart and you feel connected to her. All the questions were answered properly.

    TASKS DURING THE COURSE: I really enjoyed doing Reiki on myself and my team member.

    I will definitely recommend Julie to my family and friends.

    Love Poornima

  • Name: Ash

    Reiki 1 outshone my expectations! Julie is an exceptional teacher and is clearly passionate and very good at it.

    I have taken so much from this, there is no doubt, having been shown how, I have all the tools to become a great Reiki healer.

    So much information and a small group made it relaxed, comfortable and easy to focus in a great space.

    I will definitely be continuing my journey with Julie when I'm ready to move forward on my path.

    Thank you!!


  • Name: Ankita

    Date Attended: 15-16th February, 2018

    Had the most beautiful experience of opening up and healing and learning and growth.

    Julie is an excellent teacher and very gifted. She does everything intuitively, which helps with learning and energy work.

    Thank you for all the Reiki 1 attunements over the weekend, they felt like it takes you to another universe.

    Love and Peace, Ankita

  • Name: Lydia Hands

    Date Attended: 15-16th February, 2018

    Reiki 1 with Happiness Heals started as a refresher workshop but ended up being so much more. It has gently prepared me in a safe, learning environment in readiness for Reiki 1 and possibly Reiki Masters in future.

    It is an excellent way to get in touch with your body and intuition.

    Thank you Julie and Beryl.

    Lydia Hands Reiki 1 Practitioner

  • Name: Leeanne

    Date Attended: 15-16th February, 2018

    Julie is totally amazing, her knowledge of the spirit world is unbelieveable. Julie has a unique and very special gift.

    I understand more about myself, although I do know what I'm doing to myself. Julie knew what was in my head and I had to come out to a certain extent, but it was in a good way, because it cleared a big weight.

    I know I have a long way to go, but it opened my mind more to a long road to recovery.

    I will be honest, I'm still holding stuff, but the deeper I get into the spirit world, I'm hoping to ease the pain.

    Many blessings Julie and great thanks.


  • Name: Michelle

    Date Attended: 15-16th February, 2018

    I feel affirmed, grounded, light and enlightened.

    A wholistic, beautiful experience.

    A real person, keeping it real, easy to comprehend and understand.


  • Name: Julie Peterson

    I loved doing Reiki 1 with Julie. It was very indepth and professional. The reason why I chose to do the workshop at Happiness Heals is because of the crystal grid information that you receive! It was amazing.

    I loved that it was a small group of 4 amazing ladies. I'm looking forward to doing the Reiki 2 workshop next!

    Thank you Julie.

  • Name: Bianca

    Date Attended: 25-26th November, 2017

    I had a great 2 days learning Reiki 1 and how to deal with life's ups and downs.

    I just want to thank Julie for all she has done for me.

    And thanks to Beryl for being the caring person she is.

    Look forward to doing my Reiki 2.

    Thank you,


  • Name: Jessica Meehan

    Date Attended: 25-26th November, 2017

    This course, Reiki 1, was amazing. Julie is an awesome teacher - felt beautiful energy from her and she goes above and beyond with her teaching.

    Felt amazing after, felt the amazing positive energy, was very enjoyable too. Would definitely and highly recommend doing Reiki 1 with Julie. The energy is unexplainedly awesome.

    Beryl's energy is amazing too.

    Thank you both so much!


  • Name: Ranee

    Date Attended: 25-26th November, 2017

    Meeting new friends and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Julie is a beautiful, honest breath of fresh air, to the point and real.

    It wasn't just Reiki I learnt. After the weekend, it was a change of life. Past upsets, hurts, habits and negativity were released unveiling a more relaxed, honest, loving and caring person. You can't put a price on this.

    Just love you guys at Happiness Heals. So blessed!

    Ranee Hanlon

  • Hey Julie

    I just want to thank you once again for an incredible weekend. I learnt so much about myself. I felt like a tight ball of string starting to unravel.

    I finally broke down some walls and my journey feels like it is on track. I was just reading through my folder and I really appreciate the effort, time and information that you have put together. I feel grateful to receive it. Thank you.

    I will see you at reiki 2.

    Big hugs😘🤗❤️

    Ranee Hanlon

  • Name: Liz

    Date Attended: Aug 16, 2017

    I had a wonderful two days of Reiki 1 with Julie. She is a compassionate and wonderful teacher. She has taught me a lot more than just how to perform Reiki. Her wisdom and intuition helped me through a personal loss I have recently suffered.

    I highly recommend doing Reiki training with Julie, as her courses are detailed, comprehensive and she will teach you about crystals and how to incorporate them into treatments.

    I cannot thank her enough.

    Thank you Julie!

  • Name: Leah

    Date Attended: Aug 16, 2017

    What a journey!

    A safe, comfortable, down-to-earth and authentic space.

    Thanks :-)

  • Name: Allison Stewart

    Date Attended: Aug 16, 2017

    This was a weekend of cleansing and releasing and unblocking. Such a safe and fun environment to learn in and share.

    I cannot put into words exactly, but I know that I am on the right path and look forward to continuing the journey.

  • Name: Angelica Platt

    Date Attended: Aug 16, 2017

    I came with the intention to learn with an open mind and open vessel. However, once I entered the Room of Universal Wisdom, I quickly learnt to truly heal oneself, I needed to give myself permission to listen and face my truths and allow the cleansing work to happen, unknowing to me that the forgiveness needed to be present with was from 8 lifetimes ago.

    This course was truly transformational. I am so honoured to be one of Julie's Reiki level 1 students. She truly is the Diamond in the Rough. A truly WHOLISTIC approach.

    Much love and light,

    (Booked in for my Level 2)

  • Name: Jenny Morgan

    Had a fantastic weekend doing Reiki 1.

    Leading up to it, I went through lots of emotions and sleepless nights.

    I am so glad I didn't drop out of this class. I learnt a lot. Thank you Julie for the weekend, and Beryl for coming in to help out.

  • Name: Lyn

    I have learnt so much about myself this weekend. I am really interested as to how it plays out in my life.

    Thank you Julie. Thank you Beryl.

  • Name: Joshua

    What a wonderful experience.

  • Name: Emma

    Date Attended: Oct 8 & 9, 2016

    Thank you Julie for awakening what has been long lost. Thanks to you I'm not afraid anymore. My eyes are open and I'm ready and excited about the future. Such a wonderful, beautiful introduction into Reiki, also gentle. I felt such nurture and spoilt with all the lovely and food and magic environment. I've been gobsmacked with kindness and meaningful information. I look forward to feeling secure knowing and telling in a 'Happiness Heals' way; I highly recommend humans reconnecting with themselves and the wonderful Universe through Julie @ Happiness Heals.

  • Name: Rylee McGuire

    Date Attended: Oct 8 & 9, 2016

    A beautifully lead and well thought out class. A positive environment filled with great open energy, to learn and grow in. Thoroughly enjoyed the class and my 2 day course. Abundance of space and opportunities to learn and ask questions openly and honestly. Absolutely beautiful people who run this business, with the goodness of the clients involved in their mind first and foremost. Thank you for your enlightenment!

  • Name: Kathy

    Date Attended: Oct 8 & 9, 2016

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! The weekend was both informative, eye opening and healing! By the end of the weekend I felt calmer, and more peaceful with a toolbox of things to go forward with! Julie, you are very giving, honest and practical in your teachings. I like that you gave us the confidence to believe in our own intuitions and not just prescribe to a 'schedule'. Thank you!

  • Name: Adam Mitchell

    Date Attended: Oct 8 & 9, 2016

    The journey was very interesting. I loved the environment in which we worked, very relaxing and peaceful. It helped me achieve most of the goals I set out to obtain. The chanting during attunements is pretty intense. I loved it after the first time but initially threw me somewhat. I liked the affirmations we were given towards the end. Definitely on going guidance is needed so hopefully I can obtain that when needed in this folder. I got lots of visuals not all the answers but they did tell me everything as it should be. I look forward to learning more.

  • Name: Jenny Lethbridge

    Date Attended: March 7 & 8, 2016

    The weekend and course was transformational, it was a very supportive and safe environment. The instruction was delivered at the right level for the audience. Everyone was encouraged to participate and provide a lot of guidance when doing the exercises. Thank you Julie & Beryl!

  • Name: Kath

    Date Attended: March 7 & 8, 2016

    I came into this experience with a lot of self doubt and have found a lot of confidence in myself, my abilities and my new found powers. Thank you! :-)

  • Name: John

    Date Attended: March 7 & 8, 2016

    Amazing Course. It is truly beneficial and worthwhile. Help to discover the hidden wisdom and spirituality that resides in all of us. I loved the Beryl Special! Thank you Julie & Beryl!

  • Name: Bianca

    Date Attended: Feb 27 & 28, 2016

    I have been wanting to do my Reiki 1 for a long time but no time or teacher ever sat right until I came across Julie and her Reiki weekend learnings. I am so happy that I was guided to doing Reiki with Julie. The entire weekend has been wonderful, the way she teaches, her teaching space, absolutely everything was amazing. I almost don't want to go home.

    Thank you Julie for such a beautiful experience. I look forward to coming to see you more often!

  • Name: Marie Kealy

    Date Attended: Feb 27th & 28th, 2016

    Julie is wonderfully human with her approach to Reiki; she makes it easy to learn in a supportive environment. Feeling very lucky to have found such a wonderful teacher.

  • Name: Cat Paterson

    Date Attended: Feb 27 & 28, 2016

    I am now beginning a path I know Julie and her team will be there to support me on. Absolutely looking forward to my next adventure and my life opening up. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  • Name: Jac

    Date Attended: August 2015

    I found Julie's teachings to be very professional. She had a lot of wisdom to pass on which was very helpful. :-) She is an amazing healer who really wanted to see her students learningeverything to their fullest potential. I loved it, loved it, loved it!  :-) xoxo

  • Name: Annon.

    Date Attended: August 2015

    A loving intent is a healing intent.

  • Name: Teresa

    This was an incredible experience. I thought I was going to just learn Reiki but got so much more. Thank you Julie!

  • Name: Sarah

    I loved the design/set up of Reiki 1 - it flowed perfectly. I was able to absorb and understand Julie's teachings at ease.

  • Name: Jenny

    This has been an amazing experience. Thank you so much for this opportunity, you have helped me grow and be my own person. I now have confidence in myself. Thank you for the love and care, Jenny.

  • Name: Jenna

    The reiki course was more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. It was constructed thoughtfully and was constantly engaging. The content was appropriate and flowed. Julie is a fantasticteacher, thoughtful and realistic. She is non-judgemental and professional. The space was energetic and comfortable.

  • Name: Jo

    WOW - what an amazing experience I have had learning Reiki 1 with Julie. I felt I learnt a lot and Julie taught at a nice even flow throughout. I am glad I had a great group to share this journey with and couldn't be happier with it all.

  • Children's Reiki

  • Name: Teri V.

    Calmed and everything just flowed, the master was good and I was able to understand things I didn't.

    The environment was set up well. I was able to learn easily.

  • Name: Taylah

    It was very calming, enjoyable and loved the experience. It was very exciting.

  • Name: Joel D.

    Everything came easily and it was enjoyable and relaxing.

    I would do this again when it is needed to be done.

  • Name: Peta Vanderspek

    Reiki 1 is a great way to learn how to connect in with yourself. I have learnt so much and am planning to do Reiki 2.

    I am feeling physically and emotionally relaxed and free from the past.

    Julie is an excellent teacher, very patient, calm and understanding. Thank you for this experience that I will carry for life.

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  • Group Session: Reiki Two
  • Reiki 2 - November 2022
  • Name: Joanna

    A safe place where one can release any blockages to enable Reiki healing to happen.

    I came to learn, but go away with feeling blessed by angels (and blessed by Julie and

    the beautiful participants).

    I feel strengthened with inner strength to continue on this path.


  • Name: Helen

    ->Thought provoking
    ->Giving & receiving
    ->Love & Acceptance

    -- All in one day!

    Thanks Julie xx

  • Name: Stella Barker

    Always a pleasure to be taught by Julie & Beryl ❤️

    So much to learn and both these ladies are a wealth of knowledge.

    They provide a safe, accepting space and are more than happy to help with any questions/spiritual concerns.

    I am very grateful to these ladies.

    Thank you ❤️

  • Name: Charlotte

    Thank you for creating a safe place to fully immerse into and experience Reiki 2.

    The healing and learning experience was very powerful. I look forward to completing Reiki Masters next year.

  • Name: Catherine Saisi

    Thank you Julie. Your gentle guidance and true spirit are a blessing as we move through the wonders of all that is!

    Much love

  • Reiki 1 participants - November 2021
  • Name: Sarah

    Love learning about the crystals and how to place under the bed.

    Very thorough course. Julie is easy to understand and so patient.

    Looking forward to Reiki Masters.

  • Name: Maria

    Firstly, I would like to thank the amazing Julie.

    I feel with Reiki 2 that all my chakras were aligned and that I got a lot out of Reiki 2. All my questions were answered and I loved every minute of the classes I have done so far.

    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us.

  • Name: Scott McDougall

    Reiki 2 - a must do if you have completed Reiki 1.

    I learnt a lot, great atmosphere, people and the best teacher 🙂

  • Name: Andrea Donders

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn Reiki 2.

    I thoroughly enjoyed what I've learnt and will continue on my spiritual journey.

    See you again for Reiki Masters. 😊

  • Reiki 1 participants - November 2021
  • Name: Kim

    Absolutely amazing experience. I have learned so much, grown and healed.

    I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful teacher.

  • Name: Trinette Ohlsen

    I cannot recommend Reiki 2 with Julie enough. It was fantastic.

    I feel so privileged to have been able to complete this amazing course with amazing people.

    Thank you for helping me to open myself up and to be given the chance to help people.

  • Name: Kat


    I cannot describe how amazing my Reiki journey has been.

    Thank you to both my beautiful girls inmy group for making me feel safe.

    Thank you to all the staff - Julie, Beryl & David. Your warm hearts, belief, strength and guidance has been more than I can ever thank you for.

    I can not wait to do my Reiki Masters.

  • Name: Germaine

    I really enjoyed Reiki 2 with Julie. She is an awesome teacher and I really appreciate the extra effort she puts into the courses.

    I feel more insightful and empowered and also more confident with myself and abilities. And, I am so grateful for Julie!

    Awesome vibe and looking forward to Reiki Masters.

  • Name: Jennifer

    What a great couple of days. Thank you so much Julie for opening my eyes to something so wonderful and awesome.

  • Reiki 2 participants - November 2021
  • Name: Kate Ensil

    Another incredible 2 days this has been! I'm sad it goes so fast!

    I have learnt and experienced so much in just this weekend - insights, breakthroughs, releases, cries, laughs - such an amazing rollercoaster which you come off a different person - for the better!

    Thank you again Julie, from the bottom of my heart. You are an incredible teacher and I am so lucky I get to learn from you.

    And thank you David and Beryl - what you bring to this special space is such a joy to experience.


  • Name: Josephine Pummeray

    What a team ➡️ J B D ❤️

    The opportunity to learn and develop my skills has been incredible.

    I felt so safe and guided.

    Surrounded by like-minded people, who were there to share, support and hold space for me.

    I came in struggling in my life and left feeling free.

    Reiki is for anyone who wants change.

  • Name: Jane

    Reiki 2 was incredible. A deeper level of healing and something I'm so happy I did and would recommend.

    Julie is an amazing teacher who enables time for each person to go on their own individual journey to get the most out of healing.

    Thank you to the team and thank you David for fixing my crooked neck and shoulders!

    Thanks guys X

  • Name: Syndi

    I really enjoyed the variety of learning, healing and ascension.

    It was a great day and I've come out of it learning so much about self.

    Thank you to Julie for the extra love, readings and insights that we receive on top of our Reiki learnings as well.

  • Name: Tash

    Wow! Nothing short of amazing!

    Julie is a fantastic teacher.

    Enjoyed Reiki 1.

    Reiki 2 blew me away!

    Booking in for Masters next year!


  • Name: Poornima Gautam

    I am blessed to have Julie as my teacher for Reiki 2 course.

    The course include the study material, discussion, tips and practicals. Julie listen to everyone questions carefully and gives detailed answers, which covers other areas related to that questions. Very informative and practical ways to use the course in your daily routine.

    Thank You Julie for your love and patience.



  • Name: Kristy Doherty

    Thank you Julie for taking me on an amazing Reiki journey!

    I have loved every minute of it and am looking forward to learning my Reiki Masters

  • Name: Emma

    Thank you Julie and the Happiness Heals team for the personally profound healing and spiritual experience that the Reiki course can unlock.

    Learning to heal oneself and heal others asking has been a wonderful, vibrant, connecting, beautiful experience.

    Forever grateful to Julie for providing such a nurturing space for the journey of Reiki 2 to be explored.

    I highly recommend Julie to be your Reiki teacher throughout your spiritual awakening and self-healing journey.

    Learn to take responsibility for your own pain and Julie can teach you to heal yourself.

    x Emma

  • Name: Allison Stewart

    This course was not about how I could become a Reiki healer and start my own business. It was very much a journey - a continuation of my spiritual journey.

    I was privileged to work alongside some amazing women over this 2-day course. Julie creates an incredibly supportive environment which allows you to learn, grow and experience all that you need to in such a beautiful space.

    Learning Reiki is just as much about healing yourself as it is others. I had a truly amazing two days and feel so very blessed!

  • Name: Ashley

    Reiki 2 for me was about growth - feeling more, knowing more and being able to do more with the healing energies I have access to.

    Being able to share that with like-minded people in such a great space means I can learn more and be able to relate to those in the same place as me.

    Having Julie teach me, and us as a group, in such a relatable way, really is unique, and I love feeling comfortable and safe while doing it. It really feels like joining a community with support, guidance and like I can ask anything without feeling silly!

    For anyone hesitating to go to the next level in their Reiki journey (as I did too!) I would say just do it! Take the leap and trust yourself! I know I'm so glad I did.

  • Name: Tracey

    Date Attended: 20 & 21 September, 2018

    Julie has a wonderful, loving, caring way of delivering her courses. She takes the time to help everyone understand their own pathways and destinies through her teachings.

    Well done again.

  • Name: Julie

    Date Attended: 20 & 21 September, 2018

    I feel YES!!

    Floaty and a bit surreal.

    I AM ready for this awakening as I feel now things/chances/changes are about to happen.

    A wonderful experience.

  • Name: Bree

    Date Attended: 20 & 21 September, 2018

    Reiki 2 has been a wonderful experience. I have come away with so much confidence and knowledge. So easy to learn with Julie.

  • Name: Belinda

    Date Attended: 20 & 21 September, 2018

    Oh what a wonderful feeling. Reiki 2 has been an especially great experience. So much energy cleared and a new feeling of peace comes in.

    Julie and Beryl are wonderful, organised and thorough.

    So much love and great feelings here.

    Could not have done this anywhere better.

  • Name: Angelica Platt

    Date Attended: Sept 2017

    Level 2 Ascension Reiki with Julie was truly incredible. Such beautiful healings, wisdom and learnings of both Usui symbols and Angelic symbols.

    Ascension Reiki has such great depth with the added Crystal Gridding and Chakra Crystal Placement and then Connecting to all Gateways.

    Such a powerful step to both my personal spiritual development and professional development on amplifying Client Ascension Reiki Experience. Julie is a true healer.

    Thank you for all the support throughout the course.

  • Name: Lyn La Morticella

    Date Attended: Sept 2017

    I have had a very interesting weekend studying Reiki 2. It was very informative and left me feeling energised.

    The staff and other participants were great.

    Thank you so much Julie. You are an amazing person.

  • Name: John Lethbridge

    Date Attended: Sept 2017

    Fantastic experience! Really good stuff.

    Julie is a great teacher and tells it as it is.

    Highly recommend it.

  • Name: Jenny

    Date Attended: Sept 2017

    Awesome course, the value is definitely with all the additional aspects - the healings and crystals.

    Learnt a lot about crystals.

    Julie, you are awesome and love doing your workshops.

    I think the Ascension Reiki is just fabulous and clearly more effective than the traditional Reiki.

    So pleased I was guided to this.

    Thank you!

  • Name: Cat

    Thank you Julie for dancing with my soul. Thank you universe for connecting me to Julie as my teacher. The teaching and guidance is above and beyond my expectations.

  • Name: Adam Mitchell

    Reiki 2, "WOW" Powerful experience, very well structured, taught in a manner people can understand. Has been successful in increasing my vibrations. Loved the symbols and loved the prac work.

    Would deffs recommend to any Reiki practitioner.

  • Name: Josh Dell

    Fantastic teacher and experience. Thank you.

  • Name: Kathy

    Another well presented and thorough learning and healing session with Julie.

    I have learned a lot in a very genuine and useful manner and I have also received tools to help myself and others.

    Thank you very much Julie for your wonderful, warm and engaging manner and for creating a beautiful energy for learning and healing.

    Thank you!

  • Name: Casey Godfrey

    Such a gorgeous space with an extremely welcoming lady!

    Coming into Reiki 2 nervous and a bit doubtful of myself. Julie not only makes you feel safe, but teaches you to trust yourself.

    I was challenged, there were some tears, but amazing shifts occured over these two days.

    I have so much more confidence in my ability to practice Reiki and I have so much more confidence personally.

    Thank you so much for an incredible two days Julie. You're absolutely amazing.

  • Name: Cat

    Date Attended: Sept 10 & 11, 2016

    Thank you Julie for dancing with my soul. Thank you universe for connecting me to Julie as my teacher. The teaching and guidance is above and beyond my expectations.

  • Name: Helen Rose

    Date Attended: Sept 10 & 11, 2016

    Thank you Julie & Beryl for your help to teach me reiki and tune myself and finding my inner self. All is well in my world. Love

  • Name: Sarah Lamont

    Date Attended: March 12 & 13, 2016

    Julie is an amazing teacher. She creates a safe and comfortable learning experience for all in a gentle and loving space. I have received both my Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 through Julie. Both were very personal, life changing experiences for me that I will take with me always, and never forget. I am looking forward to my next journey doing Reiki Masters with Julie. I highly recommend Julie to be your Reiki teacher, you won't regret it!

  • Name: Maree

    Date Attended: March 12 & 13, 2016

    Great! I have learned heaps and feel confident with the new tools I have. I accept love. I allow love. I receive love.

  • Name: Redhorse

    From Reiki 1 to Reiki 2 was a massive leap. The attunement was amazing as before I was not as perceptive or intuitive. The instruction was close and personal, also, working with the tensor rings during the healing has set a new standard in this field which I plan to pursue. Thank you Julie and also Beryl for all your help.

  • Name: Sarah

    Date Attended: Nov 7 & 8, 2015

    Big thank you to Julie for such a wonderful weekend teaching our group Reiki 2. The weekend flowed perfectly and she make learning fun. I am very grateful to have had this experience and to have been tough by someone as skilled and passionate as Julie! Many blessings! xx

  • Name: Jo

    Date Attended: Nov 7 & 8, 2015

    This weekend learning Reiki 2 with Julie has been an uplifting, exciting, joyful, and eventful experience. Julie has an amazing way of teaching. She is supportive and helpful every step of the way. I'm so glad I have achieved my Level 2 and my group of girls were great. I hope to take all i have learned to help others and heal and continue to heal myself. Much love!

  • Name: Teresa B

    Date Attended: Nov 7 & 8, 2015

    The whole weekend was really informative, I once again have learned so much from Julie. I believe that if I never actually practiced Reiki, the course has been well worth completing. That said, I also feel more confident and ready to start practicing Reiki now. Thank you so much Julie for all of your help, you are a wealth of information and I love your relaxed style of teaching.

  • Name: Teresa

    Date Attended: Nov 7 & 8, 2015

    Thank you so much for giving me space to express myself and for the teachings that 'I give myself permission' to choose what it is I want, or would like. For the opportunity to learn both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 by the most amazing Reiki Teacher - I have come such a long way over this period of time and have very much enjoyed my learnings! Loved it all! Blessings xoxo

  • Name: Carolyn

    Date Attended: Feb 2015

    Thank you for offering the opportunity and space to participate in such a wonderful healing and releasing experience.

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  • Group Session: Reiki Master
  • Reiki Masters graduates - November 2022
  • Name: Jane

    Reiki Masters is by far the most incredible healing journey I have ever taken.

    It has made a profound change to me as a human being and I will be forever grateful to Julie and team for such a unique and amazing experience.

    It's healing on such a deep level and I loved it!


  • Name: Kate

    It's hard to put into words what this Reiki journey has been. As I walk out a Reiki Master, I can't help but look back at the person I was walking in to Reiki 1.

    I look back with a compassion, awareness, respect and gentleness which I have never thought possible.

    I can confidently say I have grown throughout this journey more than I have ever thought possible.

    We never stop growing and learning - and the self-discovery, knowledge & wisdom you uncover throughout this journey is life-changing.

    Thank you Julie, Beryl and David, you are an amazing team.


  • Name: Kim

    Such a profound experience. A deep dive into myself to shift energies, traumas and belief systems. So much love and acceptance in a safe place allowing me to be vulnerable.

    Julie is truly amazing and gifted and if you are thinking of completing Reiki Masters, you will not regret choosing Julie and the team at Happiness Heals.

  • Reiki Masters graduates 2022
  • Name: Josephine Pummeroy

    Reiki Masters allowed me to realise that I am truly the master of my destiny.

    It provided insight, reflection and time to heal in a safe and loving environment.

    So much thought and preparation has gone into this amazing experience.

    I am so glad I had an honest and compassionate teacher, who graciously always held space for me and the other students.

  • Name: Allison Stewart

    I have no words to describe the change that I have experienced.

    I walked in 3 days ago unsure and I walked out 3 days later completely changed.

    I chose me. I chose to continue on this journey. I feel awakened.

    So blessed to have been in such a beautiful and supportive space to learn, release and grow.

    This has been life changing.

  • Name: Poornima Gautam

    Such a fantastic journey of my 3 days Reiki Master class.

    You fee so comfortable and connected to Julie.

    Felt so easy and free, that helped me to understand the essence of Reiki.

    An elaborate explanation of all your questions with daily life examples, which makes it easy to understand.

    Thank you Julie XX💗💗

    Love u, bless u

    Love and light,


  • Name: Ash Brincat

    Reiki, and learning it, has been a long journey for me. Completing Reiki Masters has been without a doubt the most powerful, life-changing and self-challenging 3 days of my life.

    Julie is an exceptional teacher and our group of participants was fantastic.

    So much to learn and every day I took in so much more that will make me a much better Reiki Masters practitioner.

    My goal for a long time has been to help others to heal what they need help with - and I'm finally feeling that's a reality.

    I would do it again in a heartbeat!

    I made some great new friends, and had an incredible weekend.

    I can't imagine having it taught by anyone else - Julie has a way of making you feel safe and relaxed, with no judgement, and nothing is too hard.

    I've done coaching, Reiki 1 & 2, Masters and more with her - she's a special soul and I'd never doubt that she always has your back, with some help from the universe!

    Love, love, loved it.

  • Name: David

    Date Attended: May, 2019

    New challenges conquered.

    New growth. Doing and did things different.

    New me. More tools in toolbox.

  • Name: Julie Goodchild

    Date Attended: May, 2019

    This has really been a huge awakening on so many levels.

    The weekend has been a lesson on many things - and an awakening on many avenues.

    I'm glad I did this int he loving supportive arms/wings of Julie, David and Belinda. It's made the journey easier for me to understand, acknowledge and manage.

    Thank you

  • Name: Belinda Rattle

    Date Attended: May, 2019

    Wow. I have just stepped into a new me. It was a very intense experience but I've learned so much about myself that I had either never learned before or had lost along the way of my troubled life so far.

    But I feel that with Julie's help, knowledge and expertise, I have turned the corner to a whole new life and way of living that I'd never dreamed of.

    Thank you so much Julie and her staff for the opportunity to be able to learn and grow and renew.

  • Name: John Lethbridge

    Date Attended: Oct 26-28, 2018

    Julie is an amazing and inspiring teacher. She is caring and dedicated to giving an experience that is out of this world - literally.

    Having been healed and Reikied by Julie and completing my Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Masters with her, I have become a more spiritual being.

    I would recommend Julie to anybody on their spiritual journey.

  • Name: Jenny Lethbridge

    Date Attended: Oct 26-28, 2018

    Julie is an authentic and caring healer. She teaches with great skill and freely shares her insights.

    Completing the Reiki journey through to Masters has been amazing. I chose to complete Reiki with Julie because I knew it would be a wonderful experience - and it was.

    Thank you so very much.

  • Name: Lyn

    Date Attended: Oct 26-28, 2018

    I have been on the most incredible journey and I thank Julie from the bottom of my heart - for her kindness, wisdom and healing.

  • Name: Luke Tibballs

    Date Attended: Oct 26-28, 2018

    I thank you Julie for this beautiful, amazing journey.

    Your guidance to become a Reiki Master is so comforting and so full of wisdom and amazing magical energy.

    The love you share is the foundation of who you are.

    So thank you for your Light on this path of neverending experiences and attunements.

    Namaste :)

  • Name: Red Horse Rivera

    Date Attended: Jan 19-21 2018

    I have taken Reiki 1 & 2 with Julie from Happiness Heals and my life changed. This past weekend I attended the Master Reiki course and have now learned so much more.

    I would like to thank Julie for the time and effort that was put forth and the course that she has created with the help of spirit.

    This knowledge that I have now learned will help many, many people from now until I go home to the spirit world.

  • Name: Jennifer Drieberg

    Date Attended: Jan 19-21 2018

    Wow! What a journey, an amazing 3 days of love, peace, sharing, caring, support and learning.

    Julie is absolutely amazing. The caring and support that goes into making this journey will blow you away. She gives you the knowledge and the tools to fix whatever is needing help.

    You are never alone, the support network goes full circle and she is always there to help you.

    Make the choice. Do you want the chance to be happy? What you come out with you can't put a price on it.

    Your life.
    Your path.
    Your journey.
    Your happiness.
    Your choice.

  • Name: Jo Miller

    Date Attended: Jan 19-21 2018

    I have just finished my Reiki Masters with the absolutely fabulous Julie.

    WOW! Seriously life changing.

    Julie has taken me on an amazing journey and teaches with love, compassion, laughter and no bullshit approach.

    Love Love Love!

    Am so grateful to have you show me the way.

  • Name: Beryl

    Date Attended: Nov 18-20, 2016

    I thank you for teaching me and guiding me on my Reiki journey to become a better me and a Reiki Master. You make learning such an enjoyable experience and you take the time to spend with each person. This has been a truly amazing experience and so much more than I could have wished for, so thank you! You are amazing and beautiful. I look forward to my journey in life now. Thank you for showing me the way. Love!

  • Name: Cathy Barber

    Date Attended: Nov 18-20, 2016

    My Reiki Masters weekend was the best weekend of self discovery and self growth I have ever had!! The other 2 great weekends I had were in learning Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, all with Julie and all absolutely amazing. It was incredible to spend these weekends with Julie and the other amazing people on their journeys.

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  • Card Reading Course
  • Angel and Oracle Card Reading Workshop September 2022
  • Name: Sarah Nankervis

    Doing the Card Workshop with Julie has been incredible. A beautiful day full of learning, knowledge, wisdom & love.

    I have learnt so much and my intuition and self belief has grown greatly.

    An all-round beautiful experience.

  • Name: Kim

    Absolutely loved the card course. It was so much more than just cards.

    Healing, connection and a new skill learned.

    If you have considered the course and have doubts, just do it!

  • Name: Melinda

    This was an awesome day with lots of learning on many levels!

    Great day and amazing energy.

  • Name: Brooke Soffici

    I have never felt so close to my intuition and guided by it.

    I highly recommend this course and would encourage anyone needing guidance to do this course!

  • Name: Michelle Ross

    Fabulous workshop, highly recommend it!

    Friendly, inviting group of girls and Julie a wonderful teacher. Learnt so much!

    Thanks and will come again.

    And we love Beryl!!

  • Name: Sandi

    It was a lovely day meeting others and learning and sharing.

    Julie was incredible and teachings are very easy to understand.

    Through this session I have learned to trust and learn more of spiritual gifts.

  • Card Reading Angel and Oracle Workshop May 2022
  • Name: Rachel ❤

    Today was so awesome to come together with like-minded people and to have Julie keeping the course interesting and fun to learn.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Can't wait to keep practicing with this knowledge.

  • Name: Hannah

    I have become a lot more in touch with myself. Before today, I didn't know how to connect, communicate or feel a sense of guides, but I feel I can now.

    Physically, I feel more intune and grounded.

    Thank you Julie ❤

  • Name: Kat

    Thank you to both beautiful ladies. I absolutely loved my reading class today.

    Coming here is the best feeling and leaving with me believing and trusting in myself and my gift.

    Thank you!

  • Name: Kate Ensil

    Another woderful class with Julie! ❤

    Today has been such a beautiful experience of healing, clearing and connecting.

    Julie creates such a safe space where I always feel comfortable and welcome.

    I always learn so much and Julie's passion and knowledge ignites so much in me!

    I can't wait to start practicing this modality!

    Thank you XX❤❤

  • Card Reading &
  • Name: Kristy H

    Loved it loved it loved it!

    I normally hate being thrown out of my comfort zone, but I felt safe, supported and I ended up surprising myself with how well I went with the readings and I learnt so much.


  • Name: Teri V.

    Was good, appreciated the learning process and what I was taught.

  • Name: Scott McDougall

    Absolutely amazing. Julie and Beryl were great teachers.

    So much move than card reading itself, the guided meditation and inner awareness made it all worthwhile.

  • Name: Dardan

    Good times!

  • Name: Jenny Morgan

    I enjoyed the day and learnt so much. I highly recommend anybody to come in to do a course or class with Julie.

    Beryl is fantastic help around the shop and David is fantastic when I need to get my back in shape again.

    Love this place so much.

  • Name: Leylah Revell

    Very eye opening exeperience. Learnt so m uch more than I expected that will be very useful.

    Have a much clearer mindset and realisation after the course.

  • Card Reading course participants, June 2020
  • Name: Veronica Haslam

    Thank you to Julie and the lovely participants in this special day.

    I was drawn to it following an intuitive nudge and I'm so grateful I did.

    I've learnt new practices to support my next stage of connection to self so I can be of best service to others.

    Thank you for all the insight which I'm sure will continue to unfold!

  • Name: Shannon

    Julie was extremely insightful and honest!

    A great experience, would highly recommend!

  • Name: Caley

    I really enjoyed my reading. What Julie told me really resonated with me.

    I'm looking forward to working through what was brought up and integrating this into my daily life.

  • Name: Citrine Ash

    Julie helped me to understand more about my own natural abilities in a safe, happy and nurturing environment.

    Her knowledge base of both life experience and formal training makes you relate what is being said more easily.

    I would happily do more courses with Julie in the future.

  • Name: Poornima Gautam

    I just feel blessed to be with Julie.

    Honest and loyal. No sugar-coated talks. I just love how she covers all aspects of the course.


  • Name: Justine Pearson

    What a wonderful course on reading oracle cards.

    It's been a real pleasure learning from Julie and participating with a lovely group.

    Thank you.

  • Name: Jo Miller

    Date Attended: Sunday 28th July, 2019

    I found this class very informative and was a lot of fun to do!

    Gives you the confidence and tools to start reading on your own.

    Thanks Julie!

  • Name: Leanne Lethborg

    Date Attended: Sunday 28th July, 2019

    I have had a very informative day and have enjoyed the concept and how it was presented.

    Julie is relaxed and gives it a very positive and friendly atmosphere.

    I will be recommending this to people who have the ability.

  • Name: Di Stewart

    Date Attended: Sunday 28th July, 2019

    Fabulous course. Allowed me to stop self doubting myself. I felt confident doing a reading for my partner.

    Fun and informative day.

    Thanks Julie

  • Name: Erin White

    Date Attended: Sunday 28th July, 2019

    Incredible course. I was amazed by how much I learnt when it comes to reading the cards and not being guided by the word.

    Julie is very calming, warming, kind, patient and understanding. Not at any point did I feel silly for asking for help or guidance.

    Thank you for a wonderful day with a great group of people.

  • Name: Dianne Young

    Date Attended: Sunday 28th July, 2019

    Wonderful day. Wonderful people. One of the best things I've done for a long time.

    Thank you Julie

  • Name: Kate Ashcombe

    Date Attended: Sunday 28th July, 2019

    Julie creates a safe and welcoming space for you to learn and enhance your own intuitions. Her knowledge base is a great pathway to understand many fields of the holistic genre.

    Thank you Julie for making this workshop so great and educational. XO

  • Card Reading Course participants August 2019
  • Name: Belinda Rattle

    Great day. Learnt heaps and Julie is very thorough and knowledgeable.

    Thank you for all the wisdom and insight that you have provided.

  • Name: Ashley Brincat

    Such an enlightening day of learning and being guided by Julie. Such a thorough and fun teacher who has so much to share.

    Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge and embrace a new way of looking at life, when searching for answers.

    A great small group and am excited to put my new reading abilities into practice!

  • Name: Beryl

    Thank you Julie for all your support. The card course is beautifully done and is very easy to understand.

    I feel lighter and more trusting of myself and I now look forward to my new learning awakening.

    You are an amazing teacher.


  • Name: Sol (Maria Fontana)

    I am feeling, in a way, more and more curious about the other side. This has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with "something" unknown for me til now.

    Going through a lot of different experiences, it is really exciting and hopeful for me to connect with others in a different way. I hope to learn more of therealm of the Infinite.

    Thank you for allowing me this.


  • Name: Flick

    Very insightful. Amazing connection, feeling calming from entering.

    Julie you have amazing energy. You can teach a class on any learning level.

    Thank you

  • Name: Sandra Rice

    Very worthwhile. I learnt a great deal about reading cards.

    Would recommend the course to others.

    Many thanks Julie

  • Name: Pat Rice

    I have just attended the Card Reading course and have met some wonderful women.

    It has made me feel very comfortable with myself and I will try to put into practice everything I have leart and feel very tranquil.

  • Name: Bree Perry

    What an incredible day! Julie never fails to make the learning such a great experience.

    I could not recommend her more as a teacher, Reiki Master and mentor.

    Thank you Beryl for always making the days run so smoothly too!

    xx Bree

  • Name: Allison Stewart

    What a journey! What a day! Such beautiful people in such a wonderful supportive environment.

    Julie knows how to bring out the best in everyone, no matter where they are on their path.

    I had such a wonderful day learning how to trust myself.

    Thank you!

  • Name: Kaushi

    The whole experience was amazing. I have learnt a lot and was able to find my gifts.

    Very happy

  • Name: Michelle Wright (Kay)

    Very insightful.

    Comfortable learning, easy concepts to grasp with Julie's particular style.

    Fantastic course. It makes sense!!

  • Name: Jenna Cute

    The day was empowering and free flowing. The energy in the group was perfect.

    The teachings were informative and relevant. Julie has a fabulous way of delivering the content with connection and intent.

    A really joyous experience. Thanks for your wisdom Julie.

  • Name: Sharni

    The Card Reading Angel and Oracle workshop was such an amazing experience. Julie is truly a fantastic spiritual teacher.

    After taking this workshop I felt more confident to read for others. I learnt many new skills to utilise in my readings.

    I am so thankful to Julie for her advice and knowledge. It was such a fun day. I would highly recommend taking this workshop to get in touch with your intuition.

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