Oracle & Angel Card Reading Course

Unlock and Open your Intuition though the Cards

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9.15am - 5.30pm 

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Oracle and Angel Card Reading Course
Julie is delighted to be offering a much asked for course on how to give a spiritual reading using Oracle and Angel Cards.
This course is a beautiful opportunity to turn your natural intuitive gifts into an income or just be able to intuitively read cards for yourself.
Julie is a highly gifted clairvoyant, medium and conduit for spiritual wisdom, and in this one and a half day program she will guide you to find your natural flow with card reading. Despite her deep connection with the other side, Julie brings a grounded and easy going nature to everything she does, making her highly relatable and so easy to learn from! Groups are kept to a maximum of eight people, making the whole experience intimate and giving you lots of opportunity for individual feedback and support.
Some people will find they naturally stay with reading cards after learning this craft, and excel in that area with ease. Others (like Julie) will find that the cards are simply a gateway to them developing their intuition and may eventually be able to do readings with no cards at all.
 At the very fundamental level, this program has been designed to support you to deeply trust yourself and access your intuition. We’re all a little bit nervous when we first begin to read the cards, but you will walk away at the end of this program with an inner knowing that you have everything you need to deliver powerful and insightful readings. Julie ensures this by delivering an experience that's not only about card reading - you’ll also have the opportunity to get our of your own way and release the unsupported patterns or beliefs that are currently holding you back from having full confidence in yourself and your intuitive gifts!
There has been tremendous evolution in our world, and that includes the energies that are accessible through card reading. In light of this, we want to express clearly that this is not a Tarot card reading course! Tarot is the original and ancient way of reading. It’s how card reading was first born! In the traditional time that Tarot came into the world, there was a lot of darkness and heaviness and the cards of the time reflected that. We’re in a totally different era now.  We have so many ways and options to connect and communicate with the spiritual world, with Oracle and Angel cards giving us that opportunity to read with ease.
Here’s some of what you’ll learn at this program:
~ How to Activate your Third Eye Chakra
~ Meditation
~ Clearing techniques for the mind, body and spirit
~ Activating your Cards (Gifting of Cards)
~ Learn how to read people’s energies and raise your vibration
~ Preparation and Protection - clearing your space
~ How to take the pressure off yourself as the reader and simply open to be a clear conduit for spiritual guidance and wisdom
~ Different card layouts and ways of reading the cards
~ How to use some Crystals to enhance your card readings
~ How to read for yourself and others.
Plus much more!
This courses take place at Happiness Heals in Mooroolbark and runs for a full day on a Saturday.
For upcoming dates or other inquiries, please call the store on 03  9726 8924 and one of our team will be happy to assist you.


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