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25th & 26th of May 2024
22nd & 23rd of June 2024
(Saturday & Sunday)
They started their spiritual healing journey and felt like this after 2 days. 
Friday the 16th, Saturday the 17th & Sunday the 18th of October 2020
    (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
    3 days in a beautiful bush setting,
    going on a deeper journey of self. 
    3 days on a personal spiritual journey, people shared this after their experience.  

    20th of June 2020


    9.15 - 5.30pm

      After many years and many people asking, Julie has now been guided to offer how to read the cards to receive spiritual messages.
      This course is one full day, offering you to become trusting of yourself and the message you receive.  Becoming able to read the cards and their messages and so much more...  
      Here’s some of what you’ll learn at this program:
      ~ How to Activate your Third Eye Chakra
      ~ Meditation
      ~ Clearing techniques for the mind, body and spirit
      ~ Activating your Cards (Gifting of Cards)
      ~ Learn how to read people’s energies and raise your vibration
      ~ Preparation and Protection - clearing your space
      ~ How to take the pressure off yourself as the reader and simply open to be a clear conduit for spiritual guidance and wisdom
      ~ Different card layouts and ways of reading the cards
      ~ How to use some Crystals to enhance your card readings
      ~ How to read for yourself and others.
      ~ How to do a 6-12 month reading
      your investment: $197
      Contact us to book your seat for this event.
      03 9726 8924
      A deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your seat.
      What people felt about their day: 

      Testimonials from Graduates


      27th & 28th of June 2020

      (Saturday & Sunday)

        Reiki 2 - Ascension Reiki, Usui System of Healing.

        Your Spiritual & Personal Development Journey.

        Other people felt like this after there 2 day journey.

        Testimonials from Graduates



        *Applies to Aust Retail Only