readings happiness heals

A Reading Is Guidance.
It may: Help you to find your way if your are feeling lost.
Helps you solve problems you may be facing.
Helps you to choose which way, would be the best option.
You may want to connect with a passed over love ones.
You may want to know who your guides are.
You may want to find out some medical information about whats going on in your body.
You may want to find out what is coming up for you in the next few days, weeks, months or years.
You may just want/need to have a chat to someone.

Some like to play with the Angel, Oracle Cards for the answers. Others just ask the questions and their Guides tell me the answer to pass on to them. Some love both and all.

This is just some of what is on offer when you have a session with me.

Cleansing of Homes & Business – Energetic Spring Clean for your Home/Business
Home Cleansing Happiness Heals

Reiki Energy & Crystal Healings
Crystal healing happiness heals

Chakra Balancing
Chakra Balancing

Personal Development
Personal Development


Energy Protection
Energy Protection

Weekly Tapping, Personal & Spiritual Development classes.


Services Offered by David

Hormone Balancing & Stabilization
Allergy Desensitization


Readings and Guidance Sessions: just $300.00 per hour
$165 for 30 Mins.
Readings done in person, via Phone or Skype

CTC & EFT sessions are $620.00
Maximum 2 – 2.5 Hrs / Session

Crystal & Reiki Energy Healings:-
$300 per hour With Julie
$85 per hour With Beryl

Chakra Alignment and Balancing:- $300 per hour

Allergy Testing & Desensitization:- $150
Maximum 1 Hr / Session

Back & Neck Alignment:- $60

Massage Total Body:-
$75 per half hour
$125 for 1 hour
$175 for 1.5 hours

Female Hormone / Menopause Relief:- $85
(First Session must be face to face for assessment)
Remedy is $25 per Bottle custom made to the individual.
Further remedy can be posted at any time. $9 Postage.

Home and business cleansing are $350.00 - $450.00
Additional charge will apply for distance travel in excess of 30mins from Mooroolbark, Vic.
Products used average $40

Alternatively:- Call and we will ship to you a Protection
Pack for $75. Additional Room Kits $4.5.

Prices are subject to change