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A Reading with Julie is receiving Spiritual Guidance.

After years of practice and developing her naturally gifted abilities, Julie has the gift to naturally connect intuitively to the spiritual world, Julie connects in with the spiritual people, guides, Angels that walk with you.  Julie receives the messages and information you need to hear.
A Guidance session offers you: Help for you to find your way if your are feeling lost.
Helps you solve problems you may be facing.
Helps you to choose which way, would be the best option.
You may want to connect with a passed over love ones.
You may want to know who your guides are.
You may want to find out some medical information about whats going on in your body.
You may want to find out what is coming up for you in the next few days, weeks, months or years.
You may just want/need to have a chat to someone.

Julie offers different options to help you on your path and journey of self.  

Personal & Spiritual Development, Guidance, Understanding energies and how to protect yours, Past Life Regression Healing session.

Cleansing of Homes & Business – Energetic Spring Clean for your Home/Business
Home Cleansing Happiness Heals

Reiki Energy with Crystals, includes Chakra Balancing
Crystal healing happiness heals


Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner - Services Offered by Julie...

Intuitive Spiritual Readings and Guidance Sessions:- $ 185.00 per hour.  After Hours (after 5.00pm): $265

Intuitive Spiritual Readings done in person, via Phone or Zoom.

10 Session Coaching Package, 1 hour per week, via Zoom or face to face: $2997.

1.5 hr Energy Healing $350.  After Hours (after 5.00pm): $400

Crystal, Chakra Alignment and Balancing & Reiki Energy Healing's 1.5 hr's:- $350.  After Hours (after 5.00pm): $400

Reiki 1:- $450 for a 2 day workshop.

Reiki 2:- $585 for a 2 day workshop.

Reiki Masters:- A 3 day workshop in a bush location. $1650 - $1550 if completed Reiki 1 and 2 with Julie. 

Reiki Masters Teachers:- $650 for a day workshop.

Oracle & Angel Card Reading Course, One full day workshop:- $197

Women's Workshop - I hate my body day:- $250

Yoni & Lingam Magic:- $440 for  3 hours.  After Hours (after 5.00pm): $570

Yoni & Lingam Magic information 1hr treatment:- $150.  After Hours (after 5.00pm): $230

Read what people are saying after as treatment with Julie.

Home and business cleansing are $450.00. 

Additional charge will apply for distance travel in excess of 30 mins from Mooroolbark, Vic.
Products used average $40

Alternatively:- Call and we will ship to you a Protection
Pack for $85. Additional Room Kits $5.5.

In Touch Body Therapy - Services Offered by David...

In Touch Body Massage:-
$95 per half hour
$140 for 1 hour
$190 for 1.5 hours 

$ 270 for 2 hours

Yoni Massage:- $440 (3 Hours).

Allergy Testing & Desensitization:- $150

Female Hormone / Menopause Relief:- $150

(First Session must be face to face for assessment)
Remedy is $25 per Bottle custom made to the individual.
Further remedy can be posted at any time. $12 Postage.

Back & Neck Alignment:- $95

Read what people are saying after as treatment with David.


Services Offered by Beryl...


Crystal & Reiki Energy Healing's:- $110 per hour.

Meditation Classes:-

Wednesday Evening 7:30 - 8:30pm:-  $28 per class, per person.

Company policy changes affect the way classes work with the restrictions we have with the COVID-19 Virus Guidelines.

Classes are now booked and paid for in advance. (This payment is non refundable except at Happiness Heals discretion.)

(Please note classes are not run over the school and Christmas period).


Read what people are saying after as Reiki treatment with Beryl.


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