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Reiki with Julie at Happiness Heals

A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

The Archangels and Spiritual Realm are present and powerful in Reiki Energy and Teachingsat all levels!  Everyone on this planet has the innate ability to be a channel for these energies.  Some people naturally and intuitively access these energies for the good of themselves and others.  Your Reiki journey open's your pathways to receiving the universal Reiki Energy.

It is your absolute birth rite to be able to access and heal yourself and the space around you with these universal and earth energies!  Healing is who we are, many have reconnected with this truth and are enjoying the personal benefits that accompany opening yourself as a channel for healing experiences.

Training in Reiki is not exclusively for those who wish to practice Reiki on others, which is a common misconception.  The benefits of Reiki are much more personal than that.  The Reiki journey is one of deep self exploration and revealing. For in the process of opening yourself to receive healing energies, it is essential that you clear whatever negative or unsupported anchors you currently hold in yourself.  The ability to then go on to positively effect others with your opening is simply a beautiful bonus…

Each teacher has a unique way to teaching Reiki.  The Reiki energy is here to move and evolve with the time and energies that are happening universally.

"When the student is ready the teacher appears".

Reiki is a journey of self.


Reiki 1

Reiki 1 is the beginning of the Reiki journey.  Here you will explore the history of the discovery of the Reiki modality of channeling the Universal and Earth energies that are available to us. In this heart opening two day program with Julie, you will receive all of the skills you need to open yourself to and channel the Reiki energy.  You will participate in four deeply profound meditative attunements, where you will begin opening for the first time to the Reiki source and aligning your chakras to receive this energy.  You will learn how to channel the energy and practice on and heal yourself.  You also learn about crystal layouts for using crystals for their healing powers. Explore your chakras and the energy within yourself and learn to protect yourself and your space energetically during Reiki Practice.


 Reiki 2

Reiki 2 takes you deeper on the path of personal and spiritual growth and opens you further to your  spiritual and intuitive gifts. Throughout this powerful two day program, you receive a further attunement, helping you to receive your three Usui Reiki Symbols and your two Assention Reiki Symbols. You also learn Reiki 2 Crystal Layouts, building on your knowledge from Reiki 1. In Reiki 2 you zoom in on the power of the upper and lower Chakras and how they work together to affect the flow of your own life energy, as well as the Universal and Earth Energies of Reiki. Reiki 2, much like Reiki 1, is a powerful personal journey, and you will continue to clear past and present blockages, heal yourself and grow in leaps and bounds! InReiki 2 you also learn how to perform healings from a distance, i.e., be able to perform a healing on a person not in your physical space; and also how to do shared Reiki, where more than one Reiki practitioner performs a healing together on another individual.


 Reiki Masters

Reiki Masters is an incredibly life changing 3 day program, held in a bush setting, allowing you to deepen into your own growth, experience and healing powers in nature’s surrounds. Across the threedays, you receive three further attunements, helping you deepen and expand your connection and understanding of your Chakra’s energies. You continue to refine your clearing and healing abilities, and in doing so, deepen your own clearing and healing of past and present issues. At the end of Reiki Masters, you will have a total of 12 Reiki Symbols, a combination of Usui Master Symbols and Reiki Assention Symbols. You will also have a deeper knowledge of crystals and their uses and have experienced and learned Sound and Colour Healing Modalities. 



Reiki Teachers

Learn the beautiful skillof passing the gift of Reiki to others! It is a wonderful experience and an honour to help another in their own personal growth, which is what the journey of Reiki is at it’s core. Across this two day experience, you will learn to provide the attunements for your participants and assist them in the discovery of their Reiki Symbols, education around the Crystals, providing healings and all of the other divine gifts you have received throughout your Reiki journey.

Reiki Teachers is also a deep personal journey where you will have the opportunity to look even more closely at your own limitationsand clear them from your being.

The Reiki Teachers program also includes ongoing support from Julie, both 1:1 and via a secret Facebook community, dedicated to Julie’s students and their Reiki Teachers Journey. This means that when you are out in the world passing on the gift of Reiki, you always have access to the wisdom and guidance of others sharing this beautiful path with you.


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