About the Team


Julie Vanderspek - Happiness Heals

Meet Julie. Chances are, she is nothing like anyone you’ve met before. Upon entering her space, you are enveloped with a sense of being held and welcomed, and you know that when you connect with her, that you are truly being seen. Julie is a diverse and passionate spiritual conduit, and as a result of her deep intuitive connection, has a host of skills and talents she taps into to facilitate her work with you.

 Whether you seek guidance around an area of your life that is not working for you right now, support through challenges and overwhelm, clarity and direction, change or a total life transformation, Julie has the ability to help you answer the questions that burn most deeply within you.

 Despite Julie’s intrinsic connection with the spiritual world, she possesses a deep sense of being securely grounded, and you’ll feel safe in her presence to explore the negative and unsupportive patterns that are currently holding you back from living the life you most desire. Her immense wisdom will support you through the sometimes uncomfortable process of unblocking the energetic ties and links to whatever is holding you back and she’ll be able to give you the tools you need to continue to support and nurture yourself going forwards into living a life of your hearts choosing.


David happiness heals


In Touch Therapy

~ Massage 
- Relaxation 
~ Massage - Deep Tissue ~ Massage - Therapeutic ~ Body Alignments ~ Allergy De-Sensitization ~ Hormone Balancing ~ Body Work - Complete Body Connection
~ Reiki Practitioner 
David has learnt and is skilled in many modalities. Being able to read and work with physical energies, Connecting with people through conscious relating, He brings many years of experience to the team, having worked professionally, with many issues and ailments. Working with all ages, as young as a few days old to 98 years of age. His methods are effective and instructive to help prevent relapse as well as continued improvement at home.

  Beryl - Happiness Heals


 ~  Front of Shop:  Ready to help you with questions & advise, on crystals &
other ways to help.      
~ Offers weekly Mediation Classes.
~ Reiki Master:  Beryl is an exceptional Reiki Master. She has fallen in love with the work and is very passionate about the practice, as she has seen and felt the benefits of working with healing energies & angelic guidance.  (trained by Julie). 


*Applies to Aust Retail Only