Crystal Care & Other Information about Crystals

How does wearing a Donut Help?

Donuts, Holy or Hag Stones have a small hole running all the way through the center of them.  They offer great protection from the Spiritual world. You will also get to enjoy the energies of the crystals themselves. The unwanted spiritual people or things and negative energies that are not for your highest good, feel and see the energetic protection that the Hag Stone/Donut’s offer, they then leave you alone. It's important and a wonderful thing to have your own spiritual protection, an even stronger protection is to wear a Donut/Hag Stone.  If you ever have a moment of shock or are overwhelmed for any reason and your personal protection is lowered then you have your added protection of your Donut/Hag Stone to help you stay strong. 

Crystal Donut/Hag Stones are created with the power of protecting both people and animals from the influences of negative or evil spirits that can annoy you and or create problems for you. 
By wearing a Donut/Hag Stone around your neck, in your pocket, bra, above your bed or in your car, even on the collar of your very much-loved pet, offers the protection for both you and them. 
We recommend that if you have a heavy energy job or work in a negative work space, you then would have one Donut/Hag stone for home as protection and one Donut/Hag Stone just for your work space.  This helps keep your working energy at work, yourself and your home happier lighter. 

Browse our extensive range of Donuts online.  We are honored to help you pick a perfect Donut/Hag Stone that is right for you or your loved one. 

If you are near our store in Mooroolbark, why not come in touch, see and feel the different stones for yourself? You may be surprised by which stone you are drawn to when you have them in your hands! 

Caring for your New Crystal Donut:

**** Remember that crystals need to be cleansed and cleared regularly, sometimes once a day other times once a week.  
We recommend that when you purchase your first Donut/Hag Stone, it is very important to be cleansing your Donut/Hag Stone daily for the first week of wearing them, they can then stay strong to help protect you.   

When a crystal is not cleaned and cleansed regularly they become full and are no longer able to work to their full capability to help you, they can break and you can drop them, or hit on something. They can also feel heavy due to becoming full with heavy and negative energies. Then you choose not to wear your protection due to the heaviness leaving you unprotected. 
It is so easy to cleans and clear your Donut/Hag Stone.  
Once a month in the light of Full Moon is a wonderful way to Cleans, Clear and energise your crystals.  Some people believe that the sun also has the same power to Cleans, Clear and energise crystals.  

An easier and great way is to use The Cleansing and Clearing Spray for Crystals, Aura, Room.  
Just tap the bottom of the bottle 3 times while saying clean & clear and spay over your crystals, yourself and or around your room to keep the energies clear light and free.  Keeping you, your family and loved ones safe and protected. **** 

 Available to purchase on line:

 All our crystals are de-programmed and cleansed from any past programming before they are offered for sale, allowing your new crystal to be at their highest vibration, ready for you to enjoy.


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