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  • Discover your emotions
    Discover those emotions that are locked away - the ones that want to talk to you and the emotions and feelings that need to be released.

  • Anchoring - Universe and Earth
    Get connected daily to the Universe and anchored to the Earth.

  • Breathing
    Learn the art of breathing, allowing your whole body, mind and spirit to relax and feel amazing.

  • Clearing Karma
    Sometimes it's necessary to clear Karmic stuff that comes up or is awakened in your life. Using this technique can help to clear that Karma.

  • Cord Cutting and Cleaning
    Maintain healthy connections. Use these techiques to clean or cut the cord that connects you to others.

  • No Hexes Spell
    A simple spell to cast off any hexes that might be affecting your life today.

  • House Gridding and Protection
    Do you know how to correctly grid and protect your house? Use these in-depth instructions to ensure your home, office or car is fully gridded and protected.

  • It's All Choice - Shit attracts Shit
    What do you choose to attract into your life? Use this poster as a reminder to be master over what you accept into your life.

  • Letter to the Higher Self
    Do you have an issue, troubled heart, or thoughts about a person that is weighing you down, but you can't talk to them? This tool will help you to be heard, seek peace and receive a positive outcome.

  • Mirror Work
    Use this tool to promote happiness and positivity within. Learn how to to speak positively to yourself, looking yourself in the eye and speaking with confidence.

  • Personal Protection Page
    Carry out these techniques in your mind in order to protect yourself from absorbing other people's bad energies, as well as shielding yourself from people taking your good energies.

  • Tapping for Happiness
    Learn the main tapping points on your body and how to tap them. This tool guides you in a way that will improve happiness, removing fear, anxiety, worries, stress and negative emotions.

  • Universal Law of Attraction
    Did you know the energy of your thoughts can be bent towards positive outcomes? Change the way you speak and think - learn your life lessons easily.

  • White Light Clearing and Energising
    Intention and thoughts are everything. Use this technique to cleanse, clear, energise and balance your personal energies and Chakras.

  • Your Body's Natural YES and NO
    Understand the signs your body is sending. When is it saying "YES" and when is it indicating "NO"?

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