Black Tourmaline with Mica

Happiness Heals

Black Tourmaline: Cleanses, purifies & transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It grounds spiritual energy, clears & balances all the chakras & forms a protective shield around the body. Builds self-confidence & lessens fear. De-hooker.

A De-hooker is a crystal had helps any energy connection that may be attached to you just falls off.  Place the Black Tourmaline on to your third eye and breath until you feel light and free from the heavy energies.

Mica: Provides energy & purpose. Has reflective qualities to recognize flaws & see them with love. Used to improve visions & clarity in mysticism. Helps eliminate negative personality traits by helping one recognize them. Diminishes anger, hostility, & nervous energy. Aligns energy of the body & releases blockages of energy within the body. Reduces hunger when fasting, insomnia, mononucleosis symptoms & dehydration.

Size: 83cm X 50cm X 30cm

Collections: Crystals

Types de produits: Crystal


*Applies to Aust Retail Only