Buddha Statue With Lotus Candle Holders

Invite harmony and serenity into your home with our beautifully crafted Buddha statue, nestled within a peaceful enclave. This captivating piece features a seated Buddha, radiating tranquility and wisdom, adorned by a graceful platform on both sides for your choice of candles or incense.

The Buddha's serene countenance exudes a sense of calm and enlightenment, creating an oasis of peace within your space. The accompanying platforms offer the perfect sanctuary for flickering candles or fragrant incense, elevating the ambiance and encouraging moments of introspection and mindfulness.

Whether you seek to infuse your meditation space with a serene aura or desire a tranquil corner for contemplation, this exquisite ensemble harmonizes beauty and mindfulness. Embrace the essence of peace and enlightenment with our Buddha statue, thoughtfully designed to inspire serenity in your everyday moments.

Height: 172mm

Size: 80mm x 282mm

Collections: Gifts

Catégorie: Candle

Types de produits: Gift


*Applies to Aust Retail Only