Crackle Quartz (Tumbled)

Amplifies, absorbs, releases & regulates energy & thought.

Balances & revitalises physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritualty. Crackle quartz also has the added benefits of colours, perfect for chakra work.

Blue - aids communication, public speaking & action.

Purple - enhances psychic abilities & intuition.

Green & Pink - relates to kindness, love, forgiveness, acceptance & compassion.

Yellow -associated with joy & warmth, levels of self-esteem & self-recognition. Allows clarity of thought & facilitates wise decisions.

Orange - symbolises pride & prosperity, gives courage & strength to overcome inhibitions & suppression. Facilitates relationships & enables creativity.

Clear - activating the Third eye and Crown Chakra, counteract negative energy, avoid evil energy, regain positive emotions clrear thoughts,& make positive ideas easy

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Catégorie: Energy, Quartz, Tumbled

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