Cleansing & Clearing Spray. Crystal, Aura & Room

Creating a light peaceful feeling that’s balanced and energized. Cleanses your crystals from built up energies: The full moon happens only once a month. Salt can be quite abrasive on your precious gems. Using the spray allows your gems to be cleared and relieved from all negativity they take for you and allows them to become energized, Easy, efferent and powerful.

Clears Negative or Stagnant Energies from your personal Aura field & your Environment, allowing your home business or work place to always feel uplifting and fresh. Using the spray over yourself, helps to rid a hard day’s work or heaviness from other people negative energies around you. Grounding and uplifting your own person energies. Feels so nice and smells amazing.

Collections: Cleansing & Clearing Spray. Crystal, Aura & Room

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*Applies to Aust Retail Only