Crystal Ear Stretchers & Weights

Happiness Heals

Ear weights:  Green Aventurine, Red One, Opalite. 

Ear Stretchers: Miss Agate, Opalite. 

Green Aventurine: Green Aventurine Has a stabilizing effect on emotions. Increases ability for self-development & strengthens self-confidence. A power
stone, excellent for attracting abundance & wealth. A stone of opportunity, of chance or luck. Great for gridding.

Opalite:  High Energy yet, subtle stone aids in
removing blocked energy in the Meridians & Chakras. Assists emotions through the transitions of Changes,
engendering persistence & strengthening emotions. Said to physically help & boost sex drive & improve sexual experiences.

Moss Agate:  A stone of new beginnings. A stabilising stone, having a strong connection to
nature. Use to refresh the soul & open yourself to the beauty that is all around you. Midwives use to moss agate to lessen pain & assist in a good delivery. Healers use it to reduce sensitivity to weather &
environmental pollution.

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