Crystal Rings

Obsidian Snowflake: Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity.It balances mind body & spirit. Calms & soothes, Allowing you to view unhealthy patterns in your own behaviour, thus opening the door to change. Enhancesthe ability to reach your inner self.

Howlite Blue: A very calming stone. Helps with reinforcing positive character traits & helps to conquer tendencies of selfishness & criticism. Aids in communication. Howlite stills the mind. Can also aid in astral travel. 

Blue Goldstone: A powerful energy generator. A lucky gemstone, great for Providing Composure. Good for stabilising of emotions. Giving energy. Helps to remove or repel unwanted entities from your environment. Helping us to remember that there is light within the darkness, showing us to reach for the stars. Good for lifting depression, easing pain of Arthritis, rheumatism & other aches & pains. Great for anxiety. A master healer.

Carnelian: A stabilizing stone with high energy. Excellent for restoring motivation & stimulating creativity. Full of life force & vitality. Stimulates the metabolism, can help with back problems, rheumatism, arthritis & depression. If one feels insecure can help them come into their own.

Jade & New Jade: Can be used to bring Money into your life. Very protective, guarding against Accidents & misfortune. A wonderful Healing stone. Helps the body with self-healing while working through Underlying. Helpful for the kidney, heart & stomach complaints.

Goldstone: Brings you positive Energy, great to balance your energies, renews strength, encourage faith, can induce happy thoughts, activates your root and sacral chakra. Can stop you becoming big Headed. Aids with stimulating you physically, can be a great mood stabiliser, can help reduce stomach tension.

Dalmation Jasper: Aids to break down barriers that you have created as protection around yourself, allowing you to move forward to discover your true purpose. May relieve the need to take revenge on anyone who you feel has done you wrong…as its vibration helps you to release any lack of trust in other people. Brings a childlike joy & a sense of playfulness into your life. The black spots are black tourmaline, aids you with spiritual grounding & psychic protection.

Bloodstone: Symbolises justice. Imparts strength & courage. Healing stone, balances the Base Chakra. Helping with the circulation of all energy in the body, helping to remove energy blocks. Aids in the circulation of blood. Helps to let go of selfish behaviour , & renews idealistic outlook on life. Using several pieces around your home is said to help increase the flow of life energy.

Tree Agate: Place one of these anywhere that you want to encourage abundance & fullness. Creates a peaceful environment. Deepens your connection to the earth. Use Tree Agate to encourage a more centred viewpoint in life. Be patient when using tree agate. Works slowly and takes time to be effective. 

Red Jasper: A stone of stability. Powerful protection, eases emotional stresses. A wonderful gemstone to have in your home. Gives the courage to speak out & have personal independence. Protects from fears in the night. Helps balance the energy in the body. 

Sodalite: Clears up mental confusion & establishes inner peace. Strengthens the power of the mind over body. Helps eliminate fear & guilt. Frees us from old behaviour patterns that no longer serve us. Helps us to get along with others.

Brecciated Jasper: Crystal of strength & vitality. Bringsmental clarity, focus, tranquillity & wholeness. Use as a worry stone to take advantage of its calming & nurturing properties. Promotes healing & removes
negativity. Stimulates the base & sacral chakras & cleanses & stabilizes the aura. Wonderful for creativity & successful organization & dream recall.

Picture Jasper: Grounding & Protective. Stimulates Ideas, Invention, Expanded Creativity, Design, Meditation, Visions & Travel. All that Opens the Mind. It soaks up negativity & dissipates harmful electrical energy. Highly suitable as an Amulet. Physically Heals the Skin, Lungs, Nerves & Depression.

Obsidian Black: A very powerful & creative stone. It increases self-control. Helps with facing up to one’s true self. Corrects imbalances. Protects against negative energies. Providing support during change. It repels negativity & disperses unloving thoughts.

Muscovite: Increases self-confidence & optimism in your life. Stimulates the mind promoting quick-wittedness, self-reflection & problem-solving skills. It reduces nervous stress & physical tension, therefore a good stone to have close by you when dealing with a major life change. Muscovite encourages unconditional love, helping you to share & accept in other peoples' imperfections. Physically, muscovite is used in crystal healing to balance the pancreas, control blood sugar, heal dehydration, kidneys, hunger pains while fasting, insomnia, & allergies.

Unakite: Can be used to draw off negative energy & blockages from the Heart Chakra. Unakite is said to lift your Spirits when you are feeling down, helping you to see the Beauty in Life. It is also used to uncover deception.

Picasso Jasper:  Excellent meditation stone. Dissolves creative blocks, to help you find the right path when Undergoing a change in your relationships, may help renew lost friendships. Great to hold in times of change or transformation.

Green Aventurine: Has a stabilizing effect on emotions. Increases ability for self-development & strengthens self-confidence. A power stone, excellent for attracting abundance & wealth. A stone of opportunity, of chance or luck. Great for gridding.

Mahogany Obsidian: Great for detoxification as well as physical digestion. Help’s to expand your awareness & narrow mindedness. Aids with clear thinking, dispelling confusion, promoting compassion & creativity. Helps with alleviating mental stress & anxieties. Helps to guard against psychic attacks & will stimulate personal growth on many different levels.

Size: 7 - 14

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