Frank Myrrh Incense Sticks - GR

Frank Myrrh - Protection, Purification and Spirituality.

About Sandesh Agarbathi (SAC): Founded in 1970 by D Guptha, as a small cottage industry, in the pursuit of the right strength of aroma and fragrance for incense. The Incense was hand rolled by a small community where he lived with emphasis on quality. Since then, Sandesh incense has gained popularity around the globe. Today, SAC maintains a large range of fragrances with exceptional quality which are popular for the lifestyle and home conscious.

Sandesh relies heavily on its people and has a team of highly experienced Perfumers to ensure that the fragrance formulations are the best in the industry. Coupled with a labour force that is highly skilled in hand rolling quality incense, Sandesh products continues to grow in interest and popularity around the world.

SAC is also a member of the All India Agarbathi Manufacture Association and actively participates in incense manufacturers forums around the world.

SAC's mission is to create as many fragrant environments and varieties, to suit as many tastes as possible and to deliver the highest quality of products.


Contains 20 Sticks

Collections: Incense

Catégorie: Frankincense, Incense, Myrrh, SAC, smell, Traditional

Types de produits: Incense


*Applies to Aust Retail Only