Galena (Raw)

Happiness Heals Pty Ltd

A stone of Harmony & Enlightenment. Encourages
Compassion, Love, Tolerance, Bliss, Peace & Self-
Acceptance. Brings Balance on All Levels Including
Aligning the Left & Right side of the Brain. Opens up
the mind to Expand Ideas & dissolve past self limiting
assumptions. Gives You the Courage to Overcome
deep-seated fears & Helps You to Reclaim Your
Individual Power. Protects against Psychic Attack,
radiation & electromagnetic pollution. Associated with the Base Chakra. Reduces inflammation, Treats
infection, & Supports Detoxification. Supportive in
Overcoming Addictions & whilst receiving Treatment for Cancer. Do not put in mouth.

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Types de produits: Crystal


*Applies to Aust Retail Only