Glow In The Dark - Kodama The Tree Spirits

A Kodama is a mythical creature from Japanese folklore, often depicted as a spirit residing in trees. These spirits are believed to embody the essence and vitality of the forest, serving as guardians or protectors of the natural world. The word "Kodama" translates to "tree spirit" or "echo" in Japanese, reflecting their connection to the environment and their rumored ability to communicate through echoing sounds in the woods. Kodama are often portrayed as small, ghost-like entities with luminous features, sometimes appearing as glowing orbs or ethereal figures amidst the foliage. In Japanese culture, they are revered and respected, with stories emphasizing the importance of maintaining harmony with nature to appease these spiritual guardians.

Gaze upon our enchanting Glow-in-the-Dark Kodama, The Tree Spirits! By day, they're adorable decorative accents, but by night, these little wonders transform into a mystical spectacle.

Crafted with whimsical charm and a touch of magic, these miniature cuties boast vibrant colors that charge under daylight, ready to cast a gentle glow when night falls. Their luminous allure adds a dash of enchantment to any space, creating an ethereal ambiance perfect for bedtime stories or moments of tranquility.

Place them in your garden, on a windowsill, or anywhere where darkness unveils their captivating glow. Let these charming cuties transport you to a fairy-tale realm, where the night sky is adorned with their gentle luminescence, inviting wonder and delight into your world.

Pack of 2. 

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