Palo Santo "Holy Wood" Sticks & Shavings

Palo Santo "Holy Wood" Sticks & Shavings

"Holly Wood" 

Palo Santo – Traditionally used by the Incas & Indigenous people of Andres – South America. Cleansing & Purifying your space, Detoxing energies after Illness. Raising the vibration for yourself & environment. Bringing good fortune & enhancing creativity. Promotes Grounding, also said to keepMosquitoes & other flying insects away.

When cleansing your space, always moving clockwise:

Saying:  “I Cleans & Clear, I Cleans & Clear all negativity from here, I Cleans & Clear.”

Collections: Home & Business Gridding

Types de produits: Selenite Room Gridding


*Applies to Aust Retail Only