Prehnite House & Property Gridding

Made for gridding the outside of your property, to give your home and business protection and positive energies.

Walking in a clockwise direction around your property.

Place a piece in the all corners of your property.

It is also recommended to place a piece either side of your path or stairs to the door of your home or business. 

Prehnite: Unconditional Love. The crystal to Heal the Healer. Puts you in touch with the universe’s energy grid. Connects you with the Archangel Rachael. Helps you with de-cluttering. Good gridding stone. Healing kidney, bladder, Lungs, gout & blood disorders. Can Stabilize malignancy.

Collections: Home & Business Gridding

Types de produits: Selenite Room Gridding


*Applies to Aust Retail Only