Red Moonstone Freeform

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of our Red Moonstone Freeform—a mesmerizing testament to the captivating allure and mystical energies of Red Moonstone. This freeform specimen showcases fiery hues of red, radiating an ethereal and entrancing glow.

Red Moonstone, known for its association with emotional balance and inner harmony, evokes a sense of passion and vitality. Its fiery red tones symbolize energy and strength, inviting a deeper connection to one's emotions and intuition.

The freeform shape accentuates the natural beauty of Red Moonstone, displaying its vibrant colors and iridescence from every angle. This unique specimen becomes a focal point for meditation or a decorative piece, infusing spaces with its serene yet vibrant energies.

Embrace the elegance and mystical allure of our Red Moonstone Freeform—a captivating display that not only enchants with its fiery radiance but also invites emotional balance and a deeper connection to the self.

Height: 68mm

Size: 60mm x 35mm

Collections: Crystals

Types de produits: Crystals


*Applies to Aust Retail Only