Selenite Plate

Happiness Heals

Introducing the Selenite Crystal Charging Plate—a conduit to elevate your energy and amplify the power of your crystals. Crafted from pure Selenite, this plate isn't just a piece of beauty; it's a transformative tool that supercharges your crystal collection.

Imagine a surface that not only rejuvenates but magnifies the energy of your beloved crystals. This isn't just a plate; it's a sacred space where your crystals awaken to their full potential.

Selenite, known for its purifying properties, serves as a cleanser, wiping away stagnant energies and infusing your crystals with a pristine, high-vibrational charge. Placing your crystals upon this plate is akin to offering them a spa day—a revitalizing experience that leaves them re-energized and ready to radiate their magic.

Experience the effortless enhancement of your crystal's energy; watch as they sparkle with newfound vigor and clarity. Each crystal, placed upon the Selenite Charging Plate, is bathed in a transformative energy that revitalizes, renews, and amplifies their natural properties.

Elevate your spiritual practice, charge your space with positivity, and unleash the full potential of your crystals with the Selenite Crystal Charging Plate—a must-have for any crystal enthusiast seeking to unlock the boundless energy within.

Size: 27cm x  15cm x 3.5m

Collections: Crystals

Types de produits: Crystal


*Applies to Aust Retail Only