Simply Pillar Scented Candles

Happiness Heals

Designed with home decorating in mind, Simply pillar candles offer 12 timeless fragrances and colours to compliment any interior design.
Simply pillar candles each have a burn time of 60 hours and use only cosmetic grade fragrance and lead-free cotton wicks.

~  Made in Australia
~  Cosmetic-grade fragrance
~  Lead-free cotton wick

Amber - Sweet mysterious precious resins, bourbon vanilla & rose water.

Lavender - A soothing fragrance inspired by the fresh lavender fields of Provence.

LemongrassFresh vibrant lemon scent from the exotic regions of Thailand.

Musk - A soft and delicately sweet marshmallow scent with a hint of exotic spice.

Patchouli - Rich and heady oriental scent - earthy, spicy, intense & alluring.

 Pear - Succulent sweet pears spiced with cinnamon & immersed in vanilla syrup.

Rose - A beautiful floral bouquet of dew-laden roses.

Sandalwood - A rich and exotic scent from the forests of the Far East.

Seabreeze - Inspired by fresh aquatic notes of the ocean, sandy beaches & coastal breezes.

Vanilla - Classic sweet indulgence of rich creamy vanilla bean ice cream.

BlackAn intriguing fusion of spicy woods, vanilla musk & velvety rose.

White - Warm orange & vanilla mingled with delicate spring blossoms.


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