Steampunk Tarot

Happiness Heals

Welcome to the launch of S’Roya’s amazing printed ‘Steampunk Tarot deck’. This is a contemporary Steampunk masterpiece, a 78 large card Tarot deck, recapturing the archetypal wisdom that is the Tarot within the fantastically inventive, if not slightly over the top Steampunk era. Inspired by Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and H.G. Wells (Time Machine) the Steampunk era had birthed out of our commercial needs for industrialisation, creating the steam powered mechanical era, filled with new fangled gadgetry, flying machines and automobiles ect. Add to that the Victorian era with all its fashions, social pomposity, and fabulous decor, laced with the rebel attitudes that arrived out of the UK punk scene, and you have an amazing genre to build an incredibly layered and quite complex tarot artwork from.
Each card measures 14cm x 10cm, it comes boxed with a 118 page lift out Guidebook, explaining how to use the tarot, interpret the cards as well as a few different layouts for you to try.
In this deck S’Roya developed her own brand of fusion art, blending Steampunk fantasy with victorian surrealism, captivating timeless mystical symbolism with enchanting steampunk beauty, that true Psychics and Tarot readers the world over will find stimulating.
Offering you a truly delightful Tarot experience…! Enjoy

By : S'Roya Rose

Collections: Oracle, Angel & Tarot Cards

Catégorie: Earthly, Intuitive, Love, Priestess, Psychic, Readings, Spiritual, Steampunk Tarot

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