Supernaturelles - Night Spirit Naysa Neona - Reduced to Clear

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Night Spirit Naysa Neona

Whose angel name means ‘Miracle of the New Moon’, adorns the sky with her lunar companion. Each 28 days sees her commence a cycle of new beginnings, and she encourages her likeness to be worn by those making a fresh start.


The Supernaturelles dwell in the Unseen World, always with us but only glimpsed as a shimmer in the air of secret places. These mystical spirits take many forms – angels, fairies, mermaids and pixies – lending their enchantments to those willing to open their hearts and believe that all things are possible.

Pendant Size - 22mm x 32mm

Necklace Length - 220mm


Collections: Charms & Talismans, Gifts

Types de produits: Charms & Tokens


*Applies to Aust Retail Only