Talismans of the Knights Templar - Angus Dei

Angus Dei

The Pascal lamb was a favored templar symbol of charity and chivalry, depicting the highest good that can be achieved through self-betterment. The symbol was used in the seal of many knights templar, in recognition of the blessings of knowledge and wisdom. It is for Spiritual Knowledge and Wisdom. 

Talismans of the Knights Templar                                                                               

The knights templar captured fame and fortune during mediaeval times and lived to  the highest principles of the middle ages - Bravery and chivalry. These warrior knights possesses an apatite for knowledge that reaches from pagan and magic across a broad range of religions. Know for both worldly treasure and esoteric knowledge, the templar mythos transcends time and space to energies these compelling symbols. 

Charm size: 34mm x 40mm

Necklace: 230mm


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Types de produits: Charms & Tokens


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