The Trip - Gary Soszynski

The Trip - Gary Soszynski 

As trips do there are many layers to any scene.

Welcome to the mind bending, metaphysical gallery of world-renowned artist Visionary Gary Soszynski.

Metamorphoses would best describe the ever changing styles that Gary explores in his work as he searches for new ways to express his passion for painting. Born in Yonkers, New York in 1952. Gary began painting at age 6. By the first grade there was an easel set up in the corner for him to paint many of the paintings that are inspired and were painted on site on the Venice Boardwalk. Gary received a full scholarship to Pratt Institute then worked in restoration of classical paintings and textile design in Manhattan, New York. In 1977 Gary moved to California to pursue his fine art dream. Now high in the Santa Monica Mountains he paints and creates sculpture of impressions of the world around him and from within him. Whether it is in OIL, WATERCOLOR, or ACRYLIC, light and shadows are what most excites Gary when painting. Gary paints using many layers called glazes to build soft and luminous colors. Gary also creates large scale public buildings and his murals can be seen in some of southern California's finest homes.

Size: 420mm L x 298mm W (A3)

Style: GSPa12


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Types de produits: Gift


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