Gripping Beast - Trove of Valhalla - Reduced to Clear

Happiness Heals

For Regeneration and Vitality 

Gripping Beast - Trove of Valhalla

For Regeneration and Vitality This fantasy creature- a Lion, horse, dog - has paws clutching the edges of  its frame and was frequently depicted in traditional Nordic animal art.

Its energy and movement capture the restless versatility of the Viking age and it was a popular decorative motif. 


These pewter charms, inspired by authentic Viking art and legend pay tribute to the Viking Spirit. They are today's Trove of Valhalla.

Pendant Size - 23mm x 23mm

Necklace Length - 260mm


Collections: Charms & Talismans, Gifts

Types de produits: Charms & Tokens


*Applies to Aust Retail Only