Witch Stones - Gemstones for Prediction & Inspiration

Happiness Heals

A Magical Source of Ancient Wisdom & Guidance.

Witch Stones are boxed and provide you with a casting chart and detailed instructions. The eight Semi-Precious, natural Gemstones such as Brazil Agate, Blue Lace Agate and Tiger's Eye are hand painted with the symbols of the witch's magical tools needed for divination. There is a fully detailed and easy to follow instruction leaflet inside the box and this simple to use divination tool gives uncannily accurate readings within minutes. A great gift item!

  • Lithomancy: Prediction by casting stones has long been a skill of witches & wise women.
  • Witch Stones are a set of eight natural gemstones, painted by hand with symbols of the witch's magical tools.
  • Contents: 8 hand-painted natural gemstones, pentagram casting chart
  • Leaflet explaining: how to cast Witch Stones, how Witch Stones answer your questions, How to use Witch Stones for inspiration, How to use Witch Stones to make decisions
  • Sample Witch Stones readings

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