Challenged when learning something new

Challenged when learning something new

March 06, 2020

All the hard work paid off and we were ready to open!

Now, I hadn't used a cash register since I was 17 and working full time at Maccas (McDonalds) in the City - back when there was a Maccas right next to Flinders Street Station. So... a long time ago!

The funny thing is, I can chat with the dead, the crossed-over spirits, I can energy heal and just know what's going on for you emotionally, where you're stuck, where things are blocking you, stuff that you haven't processed through your body, pissed-off souls becoming humans etc, yet to use a cash register again was SCARY stuff.

I have a little giggle to myself as I type this because our register is now an iPad (technology: a love-hate relationship) and I still do not really know how to use the iPad, *LOL* that's why I have an awesome Beryl.

Yet, when we opened, it was the old-style cash register that I had to learn, as I was the only one doing it - all in a fresh new business.

Children come in handy at times and I recruited them all.

They were my pretend shoppers, I asked them to go around the shop and pick items they wanted to buy so I could learn how to use the register.

Talk about having to be gentle with yourself when learning something new!

I can heal the living and dead yet find a register hard to learn.

Guess we all have skills that are strong for us and easy to do, and things that are not. The trick is to not beat yourself up over not knowing how to do something. It's working a way around... How's the best way for you to learn?

The other wonderful thing is we have: other fantastic humans for whom a cash register is easy to use, and they come along and help you out!

Stop beating yourself up.
Step back and ask the right questions. 
What is my way around this situation. 

The answers will come.
Happiness and help to you,

Julie ❤




How it all began all those years ago...


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