It's just too hard! 😭

February 27, 2020

I never thought that the shop would still be going after 7 years (8 years in August)!

I remember back to when I was working from home, offering readings and healings from my lounge room, having to set up the room after I had dropped the five children off at primary school and packing it all up and having the space energetically clean, as I have been blessed with 5 very spiritually-gifted children that are very aware of energies and the other side.

I remember how much work it took (depending on which one I attended, or at times attending both) for 3 or 4-day Mind, Body & Spirit Festivals in Melbourne. To have the stock and the shelving all ready to go and having to move it all in and set it up, then go go go full on for 3-4 days -- offering readings and healings.

My sister would help me out which I was so grateful for (in secret she really did love it). I remember on one of our first times attending the MBS festival, we chose to stay in the city. There were stairs at the hotel and we were going to be really healthy and use those stairs. That worked well and the beginning of the day, yet come that evening after so much energy work and being so full on busy, the elevator was a pure blessing.

I remember people wanting more: more readings and healings. They wanted to learn from me and it was just not an option anymore to be offering this side of me from my home.

So I got the feeling to start looking - looking for a place to run a healing business from. 

I am like a dog with a bone if I get a feeling and idea that feels right to me. It drives my hubby crazy at times. Yet he totally supports me, another thing I have been blessed with and so grateful for.

So my searching started.

I was looking for a room to offer readings and healings from. I loved offering EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Tapping sessions and Reiki healings to people - to anyone that wanted my help.

I went and looked at about five places, between kids and working, home life etc. I applied for a few of them and waited in excitement and anticipation for a reply...  only to be rejected by them all or being told that they were no longer on the market.

I remember having what I call the “f**k the world” moment, told the universe that I was done, as you do. 😊

A few months after getting the feeling to having another look for a place. One came up in the search and I remember it having a business already in it, yet it was for lease. I called up and the only time they had and I had was - yep your guessed it - straight after school. So five primary-aged children and myself came to look at the building. 

Thank goodness I have great children!

We all checked out the space. My eldest son went around shutting and locking all the doors saying "mum this place doesn’t feel right". I locked the spirits in and he went outside to play - great job by him! Yet it meant that the real-estate agent had to find the keys to open all the doors. I felt that yep for sure he would not give me the space.

Yet the next day I got a call saying that, for the first time in his life, he was dreaming about me. I have to say that I was like WTF (in my head of course). Then he explained that he never dreams, yet last night he was having dreams that he was to, and had to get me into this building.

He explained that the owners were overseas and that he already had their approval to put me in, if I wanted the space. If that was not a sign then I do not know what is. I am very grateful that I know a sign when I see it.

The new journey began to create a healing space that I had a room to work from. There were many challenging times: We were unable to make noise due to the next door's business not being happy; It took longer to renovate then we first thought.

Walls had to be removed. Everything needed cleaning and painting. That meant night work for both hubby and I, and school homework done on the floor in the middle of mess.

I remember one day, I was exhausted, pushing myself at all ends. I remember sitting on the floor in the now-training room and I was crying. I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I remember asking for help, I need help!

Two things happened in that moment. I heard “if you build it they will come, if you build it they will come”.  From that moment and to this day I still hear "if you build it they will come”. 

And they have! 

The second thing that happened is, there was a knock on the door and my old next door neighbor was at the door asking “Jules do you need help?”

I cried tears of joy. He was such a fantastic help!

I learnt that day that if you ask for help, help comes to you, and it’s not in the form you tend to think the help would present, yet help comes.

To this day, if I have a total human moment and go into stress, I still hear “if you build it they will come”. 

I know that the shop is there for when you are ready to find us, when you are ready to receive help.

I thank the universe for listening and helping me out, so I am and the shop is able to help you.
Happiness and help to you,

Julie ❤


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