OMG, I forgot about the boys!

March 23, 2020

Over the last few days the other side has been popping into my head, prompting me that I forgot to tell you about the boys. I call them boys, yet really they are gown men.

Let me just start at the beginning.

Remember when I said my son walked around locking and shutting all the doors in the shop? Well it wasn’t until I had the keys and stood in the building that I tuned into the space and what was going on.

Normally I enter a space and just start cleaning it energetically, using sage (this was before the Clearing and Cleansing Spray was created, the story of that creation later) to clear out any and all old spirits as well as clearing out all old energies.

Did you know that each time someone or yourself lets out a huff or a big sigh that is an energy bump? Great for your system, yet for your environment that stuff needs to be cleaned out and moved on. This is why saging your home on a regular basis (once a month full Moon time is great, follow our FB page to be alerted of the next full Moon) is great for maintaining and keeping your home and environment at its highest vibrations.

When you have your space gridded with selenite crystals you don’t need to be saging once a week or even daily at home (if you own a business, I always suggest saging daily, before you open and as you close, unless you have had some heavy clients or customers come though). This keeps things at their highest vibrations and keeps bringing in joy and happiness.

The selenite crystals (view our gridding guide) keeps the unwanted and not so good spirits out of your space.

I do get asked this a lot, "Does gridding keep out the good ones? No, it does not stop the good ones still walking with you and helping you out, your crossed over loved ones can still come visit, if that is what’s needed. The gridding is there to keep things best for you and keeps the unwanted crap out.


SO there feeling into this new space not saging yet made me question what was going on in this space.

There standing was a man and he was holding body parts. I learnt a long time ago not to freak out with seeing yuk stuff. This man said I was the first person to ask him why he was holding body parts and to ask him what was going on for him. He explained that he had a partner that when they were together as a couple it was really hard being a same sex couple when they were alive, that all they went though and them crossing over at different times got them separated and his partner pulled apart on the other side.

My job was to help him find the parts and put all is partners parts back together so they can be reunited once more.

It took me a bit to locate parts and to help both men. Yet once they were reunited it was something so magical and one of those moments in time that you just can’t put into words, just pure love, magic and beauty. Such an honour to be a part of something so beautiful. Yet before this, they were causing a lot of trouble energetically and spiritually for this building and space.

Over the years, others who have rented out this space in the past have come into Happiness Heals and can not believe the difference in the energy of the space. They have reported to me the yuk they have always felt and that their businesses just didn’t work here.

The boys just wanted to be put back together and reunited.

Over the years, to show their gratitude and gratefulness, they have been a great source of inspirations and help in the shop. They are the ones that give us a heads up if things aren’t right or someone is planning on doing a 5 finger discount etc.

I have loved arriving at the shop to be greeted by them with so much joy, love and excitement, they protect the shop over holiday times and keep everything beautiful.

It has only been the last few months that things have moved for them and they have been venturing out of the shop. They tell me the world has changed and become more accepting of them and they are feeling safer to go exploring, which I am so excited for them to be able to get out and explore this beautiful world.

I have always called them the boys in the shop, even though they are grown men.

We are now getting to know the newbies in the shop, that are the shop's protection and guidance, loving new beginnings and feeling the love of the past help also.

Happiness and help to you,

Julie ❤


*Applies to Aust Retail Only