Thank you...

February 12, 2020


To our email subscribers...

THANK YOU for allowing me into your inbox.

THANK YOU for offering your email address to me. I soooo know how precious emails are to people and I know firsthand that if I offer my email, I do not want to be getting a pile of crap or being hammered with emails.

THANK YOU for visiting Happiness Heals.

And THANK YOU for being YOU.

Thank you for letting me re-introduce myself. It has taken me a little to get all the technology side of the business happening.

TRUTH BOMB! I really do not enjoy sitting on technology. Yet I know that is the time when I can connect with you all in this way.

So this will not be a perfect ride - but really, what is "right"! You can have the greatest intentions and they just do not work out.

TRUTH BOMB! It is OK if things don’t work out. It may not feel nice at times, yet just giving things a go is the best start and all part of the journey.

Let’s start with the re-introductions with the shop.

Happiness Heals

We are located at Shop 2, 91-111 Brice Ave, Mooroolbark VIC.

We have been at this location for just over 7 years now, and we also have an online store to purchase from, or to check out the goodies and pop into the shop to pick up a special.

We offer many different types of Crystals, Gemstone Jewellery, Gifts, Cleansing tools like Sage and the well-known Cleansing & Clearing Spray that is loved by many.

We offer ways to help protect you, your loved ones and your home.

A lot happens from the shop for you.

I created the space as a place to come and receive what you are needing. A place to offer a timeout from your day-to-day life and all that goes with that.

A place to offer you some peace and to catch your breath. Like a warm hug.

We also offer hugs…

Re-introducing Julie:

Julie is and has been so blessed and honoured to work with so many to help them find what offers, and gives them, their happiness and peace. 
We all deserve to feel SAFELOVED and to feel like we BELONG.
Happiness is different for each person - this is another reason as to why Julie has studied and uses so many different healing modalities and techniques. She has the tools and the ability to help you find yourself and what makes you feel happy and be happy.

Julie was born with her SPIRITUAL GIFTS, she has always had the ability to tune into people's energy fields and knows what is going to help them to release, always helping to move forward (even with baby steps or an escalator) on your journey of healing and being a better, happier you.

A long time ago Julie realised that she has a huge responsibility of not only helping the out humans, yet to also help the spirit world.

Being an INTUITIVE PSYCHIC MEDIUM is an honour and she has learnt to love helping both sides to heal and release in order to be happy.

Julie offers spiritual intuitive psychic guidance readings. You receive what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear. She cannot demand or be in control of who comes to your session, yet she is always able to receive information on the loved one and how they are doing and where they are at.
Offering PAST LIFE regression sessions. Clearing up things from this lifetime that can be causing issues or problems for you.

Others just want to check out what and who they were or what they did. 

Others just want to learn what they did not learn then, to help them in this lifetime.

It’s a unique and moving experience for anyone who chooses to be held in a safe space to explore.

Healing sessions. You bring a shit list and we clear it up. Julie cannot change what has happened to you in the past, yet she can help and offer you and your body a way of responding differently to those situations - allowing you to have the tools to do and feel differently.

We use energy clearing, NLP, Reiki and what healing modality Julie is guided to use, that is going to work best for your body, spirit and mind.

A Reiki Master Teacher who Loves Loves Loves teaching Ascension Reiki & the Angelic Attunements of Light, Usui System of Healing.

Julie has also been trained in the Pellowah Healing Technique.
Julie offers 1:1 coaching in the area of Relationships, Spirituality and Sexuality coaching.

A 10-session coaching package offers you to find your desires and what to work though and clear what blocks or stops your from achieving and living your truth.
Feeling deeply supported to bring back the feelings of LOVE, SAFETY and BELONGING.

Re-introducing Beryl:

Our kick ass awesome and wonderful Beryl. 
Our front-of-shop support. Offering help to find that perfect crystal or gift for yourself or loved one.

Beryl is a Reiki Master and is also trained in the Pellowah Healing Technique. Having a Reiki healing from Beryl is a must have experience.

Beryl also runs MEDITATION classes on a Wednesday evening 7.30pm during school term dates.

We have much to offer and want to THANK YOU again for allowing us to be a part of your healing journey in some form.

Looking forward and so honoured to be working with you.
xxx The Team at Happiness Heals.

Happiness & Health,
Julie ♥


*Applies to Aust Retail Only