You can't make everyone happy!

March 15, 2020

No matter what you do or how you do it, someone, somewhere is going to be unhappy. I found this out within the first few weeks of opening the shop.

I took over the lease from a business that had not done well in that space. I found out that she owed a lot of money, I found out that she had taken money for gift vouchers. I found out that she had upset a lot of people and owed a lot of money. I found out that her name was also Julie.

So for the first 2 weeks up to about 2 months in, it was a full on time.

There were a lot of phone calls to me saying I owed them money. I had people coming to the door too scared to come in because they did not want to see Julie, people thinking that I was that Julie who had just re-badged herself.

It made me feel sad to hear the stories from people, to see the hurt that people were going though, knowing that they had paid money for massages etc, trusting that they would be able to receive that service. Then, to find out that she was just gone and feeling a total loss and even anger...

I even had a guy that came in telling me that I got his shop, that he had applied for this place and what makes me so special that I go it. He then went on to tell me that I had used the colours on the walls that he was going to use, that he does massage and that it would work for him to take one of the rooms for his table and he would rent out a room.

UMMM I was like NOPE thank you (in a nice way of course). He was not the energy I felt was right for the shop and if you know me you, do not try and tell me what to do.

What a way to start, yet all I could hear “if you built it they will come”.

So, I was just me, spreading love and happiness anywhere I was able to.

Yet at times it felt like I was fighting a wall of resistance to feeling and being happy. I even had a “you are doing the wrong thing” letter from the body corporate because I put streamers up out the front of my part of the business and found out that was a big No No.

So I had to find other ways to let people know we were here.

It still amazes me that people, after 7 years of shopping in Mooroolbark, are only just finding us now! This is still happening, that people are only just finding out about us now.

We always welcome newcomers to the shop. And, we love seeing the ones that have been with us and are part of us visit - you are always welcome.

I have always said you will find us when you are ready and that’s what happens.

You just have to keep going. If you have a dream you just have to keep going. No matter who or what presents to your face to try and take your happiness and dream, just keep going.

It is all there to teach you how to be stronger within yourself, to raise your vibrations to a level that supports you and helps you to feel happy so you can spread the love and happiness you feel to the world.

At the moment the world really needs more love and joy. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty happening, keep going, do what makes you happy, know that no matter what you do or how you do it there will be unhappy people. Yet on the flip side there are many people that need to see and feel your happiness that are wanting and open to receiving your happy vibes.

Be YOU, Be True.


*Applies to Aust Retail Only