You've got to bubble

March 29, 2020

I remember (going back over 12 years now) when I was learning to bubble up.

I know I struggled massively with big crowds, public transport, going into city areas, even going to birthday parties and get-togethers.

I could feel everyone and everything. At times it stopped me going and experiencing great times and  fun, because everything was too much to feel.

One of the first times I was giving bubbling a go was when, we as as family were going to a shopping center and I thought I'd be really clever and bubble the f**k up big time - this time no-one was getting in and I wasn't going to feel everyone.

I had myself covered... Well so I thought.

I got to the shopping centre and I was feeling OK, yet I couldn't breathe. It was so hard and so heavy to take a breath.

My hubby asked me what was going on. I explained that I couldn't breathe.

He asked me what I was doing different (spiritual human he is, we woke up together after we met). I explained that I was so bubbled, so that I could enjoy the shopping center.

He asked me how was I so bubbled.

My reply: "I put myself in a big steel box, no one is getting in."

He then went and asked the most logical question, yet I didn't think of it, hehe. "Have you put any air holes in your big thick steel box?"
Me: "um, nope..." 😏🤣
Hubby: "umm give that a go."

Taking a moment, I put some air holes in so I could breathe and hey, guess what? It felt so much better, I could breathe and still not feel everything and everyone else's stuff. 

Go me!

It really makes me giggle to myself.

Now I don't need big steel boxes.

I use a bubble. A golden bubble that is thick, yet moves as I wish to give a hug or be close to someone.

Each morning at my first wee of the morning, I am doing my morning habit of cleansing myself with white light, connecting into the earth, I anchor myself as above and below, and place my bubble on.

Oohh, I do not go anywhere with out my crystal donut. Sometimes I have more than one on me, either around my neck or in my bra or pocket. I have one in my wallet, car and even on my motorbike.

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I am extra sensitive to people and places even more now, as I have grown spiritually, yet I am not affected in a negative way anymore.

I can see and know, yet not be overwhelmed by feeling it all.

And if I do get overwhelmed, I get my bubble thicker and know that it is not mine to carry.

Bubble up peoples! It's needed now more than ever.

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Stay well, stay safe.


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