Chakra Pack: Cleanse Balance Align Pack

Happiness Heals

Crown: Amethyst. Calming or stimulating as appropriate. Releases tensions, the aura, helps you feel less scattered.

Third Eye; Amazonite. Helps to see both sides of problems & both points view. Open’s the Third Eye & intuition.

Throat: Apatite. Helps to speak truth. Opens & Balances the throat chakra.

Heart: Rose Quartz. Unconditional love & infinite peace, opens the heart and helps to heal. Excellent use for trauma or crisis, restores trust & harmony.

Solar Plexus: Yellow Japer. Channels positive energy, releases toxins, opens and balances your Solar Plexus, energizes the energy system.

Sacral: Carnelian. Stabilizing stone with high energy, resorting vitality & motivation.

Base: Red Jasper. Calming the emotions, stimulating the base chakra. A stone of health & strengthening

Smokey Quartz: Grounding. Place this between your heals.

Place each crystal on your chakras, (as shown in the diagram) lay down for  minimum 15 min. Enjoy.

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