Chakra Wand

Happiness Heals

Amethyst: A stone of spiritually & contentment, is highly powerful & protecting stone. Excellent for meditation, bestows strength, invigoration & peace. It helps overcome addictions & blockages, enhances memory & improves motivation, enabling you to set more realistic goals.  Helps with insomnia, if placed into your pillow case.

Lolite: Opens a path to your deep inner self. Discover the lost parts of self & your inner treasures. Assists in recovering information from past lives. Helps with weight Loss. Lolite supports the healing of the eyes, stimulates memory & helps with sleep imbalances.

Blue howlite: Helps to calm and dissolve anger. Aids in keeping a peaceful mind and has an energy that soothes tension and anxiety. Great for Insomnia and making sleep more peaceful. Howlite can strengthen bones, spine, neck and teeth.

Fushite: Is a powerful stone of problem solving and intuition. Linking the intellect of the mind with the Heart. Helps decrease insomnia, Improves Self-Worth, Relieves emotional shock & Develops a quick wit. Helps with resilience.

Yellow Calcite: A stone of spirituality and wisdom. Calcite protects, grounds & centers you, bringing inner peace. Excellent for learning it promotes creativity, imagination, prosperity & intuition. Reduces stress & fear. A purifying stone used to clear negativity in the environment, such as a room that it's in. Physically, calcite's are good for back pain, increasing physical strength, teeth, eyes, & general healing. Calcite increases & amplifies energy & is especially helpful with emotional & mental conditions.

Orange Calcite: Strong energizing & cleansing properties.  Balancing emotions, Removing fear, helps with overcoming depression. Dissolves problems standing in the way of achieving your best potential. Alleviates intestinal, gallbladder disorders. Helps with healing the reproductive system.

Red Jasper: A stone of stability. Powerful protection, eases emotional stresses. A wonderful gemstone to have in your home. Gives  the courage to speak out & have personal independence. Protects from fears in the night. Helps balance the energy in the body.

Size: 165mm L x 22mm W 


*Applies to Aust Retail Only