Hengebands - Lady of the Moon

Worldly Gift

Lady of the Moon for Beneficial Change

For the astrological moon signs, it is reputed that benefical that is enhanced when a blue moon is in phase. The traditionla Mayas generally assume the moon to be female and the moon's phases are conceived as the stages of a woman's life. 

Wear for personal goals and empowerment to parties or ceremonies. The magic circle has been used for thousands of years to capture energy, form a holy space and provide magical protection. If you focus on the symbol on your forehead, you can channel the energy you wish to receive. 

Each band comes on a braided leather adjustable thong and is packaged in a cello bag with an organza pouch and comprehensive leaflet with all meanings.
Hengebands are made of pewter and embellishments on a leather braided cord.

Size: 82.50mm x 25.50mm


Type: Charms & Pendants


*Applies to Aust Retail Only