Lava Bracelets with Liquid Scent

Happiness Heals

A stone of strength & courage. Allows the opportunity for stability through all changes in life. A crystal for grounding, helping you connect into the earth. A calming stone useful in dissipating anger. Aids with behavioural issues were positive changes are needed.

Step into a world where style meets aroma with our Lava Bracelets infused with Liquid Fragrance! These aren't your ordinary accessories—they're a fusion of fashion and scent, designed to elevate your style and your senses.

Crafted with porous lava stones, these bracelets are not just eye-catching; they're your personal scent carriers. Add a drop of your favorite fragrance to the stones, and let them absorb the liquid, creating a portable aromatherapy experience that stays with you throughout the day.

Express your style and indulge in the power of scent, all in one stunning accessory. Whether you're looking to make a statement or seeking a subtle aromatic touch, these Lava Bracelets are the perfect companions, ensuring you carry your signature scent wherever you go. Embrace the fusion of fashion and fragrance and make every day a stylishly scented adventure!

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Type: Jewellery


*Applies to Aust Retail Only