Money Drawing Incense - SAC


Money, the principal driving force of the modern world, is what you want to draw always. This mystical incense brings about a fragrance which brings within you the driving force to draw more money. Patchouli and Tangerine.

Sandesh Agarbathi Co. (SAC) was started off in a small cottage n the city of Bangalore in 1970. Mr D.N.P. GUPTHA who is our founder, is a man with a strong creative bend. He experimented endlessly and dabbled in creating newer fragrances, and pursued refining the aroma until the right strength was achieved.
He engaged a small group of neighbours to hand roll the incense sticks for him, after training them in the trade. He laid high emphasis on quality of the product, and promoted strict adherence to quality.

Hex box Contains 20 Sticks

10g boc contains app 10 sticks.

Cones contains app 10 cones

Collections: Incense

Type: Incense


*Applies to Aust Retail Only